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Werson Wire Mesh Fence Co Ltd

Weld Mesh Fencing is rigid structure of security fencing system.Welded fence panels can be used for private estates,industrial areas and sports cilities.

Welded Mesh Security Fencing is a combination of wires in the horizontal and vertical direction welded at their junctions to provide a rigid fence. A number of differing designs are manuctured from Ø 3 mm to Ø 5 mm wire at varying spacings for economy or strength. The mesh size has a dimension of 50 x 200 mm, width 2500 mm panels.Welded mesh panel fencing offers great strength and endurance to bending over the whole suce and we add to 2 to 4 folds in a V.In turn,the 30mm that blunt at the top or bottom are uncut wires. we use as defensive more security.

Welded Fence Panel Specifications:

2 to 4 longitudinal folds in a V.

Profile of rectangular Post 60x40 mm with plastic cap.

Plastic clamps and metal clamps.

Wire Diameter of 5 mm.

Mesh Size of 200x50 mm.

Thickness of Powder Coating:80-100micron or Thickness of PVC Coating:0.8mm-1.0mm

We have developed a new type of welded mesh fences that are sold well abroad. Detail as follows:

A. Specifications: Height From 630mm to 2430mm; Width From 1030mm to 2510mm.

B. Corner post: 48x2mm.

C. Wire gauge: 3mm to 5mm

D. The aperture size: 50 x 140mm,50 x 150mm, 50 x 200mm, 75 x 150mm and 55 x 200mm

E. Available in a range of sizes, colors

F.Post of Fence:RHS 60 x 40mm,60 x 60mm, 50 x70mm,70 x100mm,80 x 60mm,80 x 80mm.

G.Colors Available:

Build to your specifications as well. Specifications can be customized.

Welded Mesh Fences of Applications: residential areas, housing,rms, gardens, industrial.

ADD:East Development Zone of Anping County,Hengshui City,Hebei Province,China.


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