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Sales - Rebar

Sales - Rebar,fine grain hot-rolled steel

Main Uses: Widely used in civil engineering construction of buildings, bridges, roads and so on.
main origin: steel manufacturers in China are mainly distributed in the North and Northeast China, North China, such as Shougang, Tangshan Steel, Xuanhua Steel and Chengde Steel, Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes, Shanxi Zhongyang Steel, Baoding Puri steel, Northeast as Jianlong, amoxicillin, North Terrace, Fushun Special Steel, etc., these two regions accounted for more than 50% of steel production. difference
rebar and plain bars: the difference between the rebar and plain bars of the surface with longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs, usually with two longitudinal ribs and channels evenly distributed along the length of the transverse ribs. Is a small steel rebar steel, mainly used for the skeleton of reinforced concrete building components. In use requires a certain degree of mechanical strength, flexural deformation properties and process welding performance. Production of steel billets as feedstock by carbon steel or low-alloy structural steel, finished steel smelting process of calming hot rolling, normalizing or hot rolled state delivery.



主要产地:螺纹钢的生产厂家在我国主要分布在华北和东北,华北地区如首钢、唐钢、宣钢、承钢 、新兴铸管、山西中阳钢厂、保定普瑞钢铁等,东北地区如建龙、西林、北台、抚钢等,这两个地区约占螺纹钢总产量50%以上.