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Resolve the overcapacity of steel from the vicious circle of

resolve overcapacity, eliminate backward production capacity is no longer a new word, in fact, starting in 2005, the state has issued dozens of sets of various ministries document, the purpose is to reduce steel production capacity, eliminate backward, but the eight-year period , iron and steel production capacity, "repeatedly pressed repeatedly up", "the more limited the more." For the production of iron and steel industry overcapacity and environmental pollution this year, the government frequently develop ideas and goals, the intensity of the large countries, strong determination, the ability to make steel city to escape it, "the more the more Amoy capacity" of the cycle it? Nearly years, the project launched around the steel, steel serious excess capacity. But also to the entire steel industry and its related upstream and downstream industries over fifty have brought no small impact. Last month on the 15th, the State Council issued a "serious excess capacity to resolve conflicting guidance," and proposed focus on five industry capacity to resolve conflicts, including "steel industry" was ranked in the first place. Meeting, which will strengthen the steel industry standard management, resolutely curb investment in new capacity, new capacity is strictly prohibited items and structural adjustment in six key areas of Hebei, work as a key to resolve the work.
Ministry will carry seven work well capacity to resolve conflicts work, CISA 12 proposed to carry out the implementation of the central aspects of the work required, all the above are seen in the countrys attitude towards the elimination of backward production capacity is definitely not the fun of it a.
in the steel market forum held recently, the Director of the Ministry of National Engineering Materials Division Zhang Dechen said, in line with the list of the second batch of "Steel industry norms conditions" will be published before the end. Ministry is exploring the use of the list to manage the steel industry, steel prices on the finalists perform support, not shortlisted will squeeze their living space. The second batch will be greater than the size of the first. Zhang Dechen told the China Securities Journal reporter, including the supporting standards-compliant enterprises to provide credit support, the license management involving steel products will be convenient to list companies on the list of foreign companies will be more difficult to obtain a permit.
We carefully analyzed under management with a list of the steel industry to really feResolve the overcapacity of steel from the vicious circle of Chinese steel can,asible? perhaps feasible, because they were excluded from the list of steel enterprises outside the living space will be squeezed, and obtain a permit will be more on have difficulty, or make a list of those outside the steel production can be significantly compressed, so as to achieve the purpose of elimination. However, we can not exclude the possibility of "black white production capacity" since the production stage, at this stage, Chinas steel industry capacity utilization only Qi Cheng, steel prices within the list will have priority in many respects, it is These steel mills would be difficult to guarantee capacity black (not statistics to capacity) adds up. If the state government failed to master the correct way, more capacity will still scouring the more.
Last week, the Land Department issued a document for industries with excess capacity (steel, aluminum, cement, etc.) will not be permitted to add space, this behavior also eliminate backward production capacity in order to promote corporate mergers and acquisitions exit and establish long-term mechanism of Land Resource Management, increased supervision of land and resources.
stage, most of the state-owned steel enterprises is, I think the best way to have the appropriate government or exit mechanism, and to promote corporate restructuring, enhancing the competitiveness of the industry, at the same time, with the national prevention and control of atmospheric contamination determination, or the steel city can resolve the problem of overcapacity from the cycle of bondage.