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Police bike coming in

YORK, Pa.--If youre going to take a road trip showcasing some of Americas most interesting destinations, and you have a chance to see Harley-Davidson motorcycles getting made, its not something you can pass up.

Thats why, as part of Road Trip 2010, CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman visited this town in south-central Pennsylvania: for a private tour of the production cilities of Harleys ctory here.

The problem was that Terdimans proposed visit fell a few weeks before the new 2011 models were to be shown to the companys national network of dealers--so the only way to arrange the tour (and be able to get pictures of the production of the new 2011 model motorcycles) was to agree to let Harley-Davidson take the photographs.

As a result, at Terdimans direction, the following photos were taken by a Harley photographer and held until the dealers were shown the new bikes for the first time, earlier this week.

Now, Terdiman is able to show how the 2011 model touring bike and three-wheeler is made.

But in this photo, we see a police model of a touring bike coming down the production line.

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