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Imported ore prices rose to conceal the steel market remains

The domestic steel market
6 return to the disadvantaged. 6 After the construction steel prices fell slightly short pull up, hot-rolled coil to maintain smooth operation, cut steel plate prices stimulated by the recent strong rally, the 6th continued to chase, cold rolled coil continued to remain weak run upstream billet prices weak performance lately. As capital markets stock and futures markets and electronic trading callback, steel city spot with power up is obviously insufficient, and the downstream and middlemen recent purchase or stocking operation is not active, the overall suppression of the steel trading business confidence. From the case of steel distribution market resources, the construction steel market has changed since the fall of this year continued momentum stocks, the overall amount of resources with the previous flat, where the Northeast overall decline in demand affected by winter inventory increased considerably, compared to the East China region remains the main area of ??the current resources digest. Sheet market this week, but a certain amount of resources overall decline, according to the understanding of the market, the regional early shipments of finished material resources to the relatively small, but the entire month shipments of resources is not small, but, according to the delivery sheet products cycle, mid to late arrival of market resources will be more concentrated period of time, coupled with the steel mills will lose as much as possible before the end of the replacement contract amount outstanding during the year, therefore, for the latter in terms of the steel city, still need dual pressures of vigilance resources and the financial side of the end, there will still be weaker steel or space. However, the Third Plenum of the steel industry iron pollution and set the tone for the new period of reform turned positive support, the Steel City Cycle market remain positive, while the prices of raw materials imported ore seen a sharp rise in the week, of which 61.5% of Australia PB powder prices reached $ 5 weekly gain, imports rose sharply domestic ore mine also makes bullish sentiment has been heating up, but because of the subdued steel procurement initiative, the current market does not appear obvious shill action. From the overall situation, the money, resources will be the main factor to suppress the market, but sharply higher raw material costs will to some extent below support steel, while rebar futures from a technical point of view, and no high-line electronic trading really into decline, only a short-term adjustment, to put pressure on the spot market space is not too big, so, short-term pullback downward pressure on steel prices, but space is limited.
According to market monitoring shows that the 6th, the countrys major cities Ф25mm three rebar average price of 3,552 yuan, compared with the previous day (5 days) or 3 yuan; China major cities Ф6.5mm high average price of 3,534 yuan, with the previous day (5 days) flat; domestic major cities 5.5mm hot rolled coil average price of 3,472 yuan, and the previous day (5 days) was flat; average price of domestic key central city of 1.0mm cold rolled coil is 4312 yuan the previous day (5 days) or 5 yuan; domestic major cities 20mm plate average price of 3,433 yuan, compared with the previous day (5 days) rose $ 2.
raw materials, 6, carbon billet in Tangshan 150150 3010 yuan, and the previous day (5 days) flat; Tangshan 65-66% acidic dry iron ore prices 1095 yuan, and the day before ( 5) unchanged; Tangshan secondary metallurgical coke price 1370 yuan, and the previous day (5 days) flat.
the rebar contract on the 6th main early 1405 to 3,692 yuan / ton opening, followed by low volatility, appeared before the lateImported ore prices rose to conceal the steel market remains weak steel demand sluggish running next, heavy volume to lighten up, the lowest 3,683 yuan / ton, up 3,704 yuan / ton, to close at 3,702 yuan / tons over the previous day (the 5th) settled down 2 yuan / ton, 1,151,966, 1,592,986 hand positions, increasing 1, 350 hands.
macro level, the Planning Institute forecasts 2013 real consumption of steel was 693 million tons, in 2014 the actual consumption of steel was 715 million tons, up by 3.2%.




上期所螺纹钢主力1405合约6日早盘以3,692元/吨开盘,随后低位震荡,尾盘前出现减仓放量上行,最低3,683元/吨,最高3,704元/吨,报收于3,702元/吨较上一交易日(5日)结算价跌2元/吨,成交1,151,966,持仓量1,592,986手,增1 ,350手.