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The thread of the main futures contract rose 15 rose 0.07%

the rebar on the main 1210 contract on the 15th morning to 4,321 yuan / ton opening, followed by a wave of price shocks in diving, fell to all-day minimum 4,310 yuan / ton, and then pull up again, after a continuation of sideways, slow shock fall, late again within 20 minutes pulling process. To close at 4,337 yuan / ton, compared with the previous day (the 14th) settled up 3 yuan / ton, volume 528,178, 612,814 hand positions, reducing 3,396 hands.
on the spot market today, the domestic construction steel market into the consolidation phase. According to Lange Steel network monitoring shows that the countrys major cities Ф25mm three rebar average price of 4,408 yuan, up down 6 yuan. Leading urban areas: Beijing three main specifications of rebar fell 40 yuan 4430 yuan; Shanghai rebar market three 4230 unchanged from yesterday.
raw materials, today, the domestic price of iron ore market very bullish attitude obviously, the higher parts of the large quoted market price confusion. According to Lange Steel Information Research Center, market monitoring shows: 66% of Tangshan acid powder wet basis excluding tax mainstream market in the 930-950 yuan (t price, the same below), 66% acid powder dry tax prices in 1180 -1200 yuan. Muan region of 63% -64% basic wet basis excluding tax price in the 940-960 yuan. Beipiao 65-66% acid powder wet powder market price excluding tax in 790-810 yuan. Jianping 65-66% acid powder wet powder not included in the market price of 820-840 yuan. Indian major ports powder of 63.5% in 1050-1070 yuan market price. 63.5% Indian pink outer plate quoted at $ 148-150; 58/57% of the mainstream at $ 123-125 / t; Tianjin Port 63.5% Indian iron ore mainstream pricThe thread of the main futures contract rose 15 rose 0.07%,e 1060-1070 yuan.
analysts believe that today the opening 20 minutes late yesterday the release of kinetic energy to gradually empty single failure leading to an intraday prices gradually pull back before the late 20 minutes, appeared to gradually empty one recent appearances situation, leading to rapid lighten phenomenon. On the image, the price closed back 5 day, the uplink channel is still intact.