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Steel support costs continued to improve, or significant lig

by the Central Economic Work Conference for the domestic economy next year, "maintaining stability" given a positive reply to reconcile the NDRC favorable impact of large-scale infrastructure projects, the domestic steel market ushered in a wave of rapid pull up the market, but the market has entered the season demand season, the market volume was light, traders Dongchu will is not strong and other factors, some varieties specifications slight pullback. Due to the current cost of steel continued to support efforts to enhance the positive market sentiment stable domestic steel market will enter a shock pattern. Short-term overall domestic steel market is expected to fluctuate slightly higher.
by positive come again and again to drive, near the end of the steel city market "remarkable." Since the beginning of the previous Friday, the capital markets that showed significant activity, and livestock potential billet prices rose a boost market confidence, weekly steel market will usher in a "good start." Just did not last long, as the favorable demand gradually fade and follow-up fatigue and other factors interfere, finished lower steel prices continue to rise now powerless situation. This week, a time when capital returns at the end of the critical window period, and there is still some room for profit pre resources, do not rule out the cash-strapped businesses could cash in disguise. Only because of the cost of supporting significantly, stock remain low, the market is weak balance each game range, prices will not fluctuate significantly. But by the end of "ending" of the war or explicit light, space is not big ups and downs.
According to monitoring, as of December 21, China 10 major cities Φ25mm two rebar price was 3,623 yuan, up 42 yuan over the previous weekend, down 48 yuan over the same period the previous month; except for a slight decrease in Chengdu 10 Yuan, the other first-tier markets are rising main tone. Including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai or larger, up to 70-90 yuan, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Xian, Shenyang rose 10-50 yuan. 10 major cities Φ25mm domestic rebar price was 3,705 yuan, up 41 yuan over the previous weekend, down 56 yuan over the same period the previous month; which maintenance of stability in Chengdu, Beijing, Tianjin, an increase of 100 yuan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Xian, Shenyang, rose 10-50 yuan. China 10 major cities Φ6.5mm high line average price of 3,610 yuan, up 36 yuan over the previous week, last month or 1 yuan over the same period; including Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, stability maintenance, Beijing, Tianjin, or up to 100-120 yuan, Shenyang, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Xian, Guangzhou rose 20-40 yuan. After a
traders and steel mills in the past signed agreements, basically able to make money by year-end rebates. But now the market is changing so fast, priced between mills often have gaps, in this context, only looking for a suitable mill to earn more profits, so it should be a reasonable choice of protocol steel mills, if necessary can act as a proxy different mills.



据监测显示,截至12月21日,国内10大重点城市Φ25mm二级螺纹钢均价为3623元,比前一周末涨42元,比上月同期跌48元;除成都微跌10元,其它一线市场均以上涨为主基调.其中北京、天津、上海涨幅较大,达70-90元,杭州、郑州、武汉、广州、西安、沈阳涨幅在10-50元.国内10大重点城市Φ25mm三级螺纹钢均价为3705元,比前一周末涨41元,比上月同期跌56元;其中成都维稳,北京、天津涨幅达100元,上海、杭州、郑州Steel support costs continued to improve, or significant light at the end of the steel city,、武汉、广州、西安、沈阳涨幅在10-50元.国内10大重点城市Φ6.5mm高线均价为3610元,比前一周末涨36元,比上月同期跌1元;其中上海、成都、杭州维稳,北京、天津涨幅达100-120元,沈阳、武汉、郑州、西安、广州涨20-40元.