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Steel City will usher in a phased release of Xu

According to statistics showed that: this year Chinas steel industry overall operational situation is extremely serious, total assets-liability ratio close to 70%, has entered the high-risk areas; reduction in long-term loans and short-term borrowings increased, indicating that steel has entered the "feel the burn, Gu front "position; accounts receivable increased significantly, indicating that because the market is not good," owes "aspects of bad debt maSteel City will usher in a phased release of Xu,y increase; financial expenses, selling expenses increased, indicating a substantial growth in sales costs, far more than saving management costs.
steel spot prices from the recent trend, the national steel prices since mid-September, the sharp rebound in mid-November to regain decline (see left), predicted in November industries or relapse into a loss situation, 12 In early February steel prices on low-cost, can hardly be reversed. Although the steel market continues to weaken, but to see both from the economic side, whether it is the real economy or the export side, the economic situation in our country change for the better, with the gradual recovery in the latter part of our economy, after the consolidation, Chinas steel demand is still there a greater chance to get released.
First, in terms of expectations, rating agency Moodys recently released report, the steel industrys outlook remained stable in Asia, especially in Chinas demand. In the report, Moodys Vice President and Senior Credit Officer expects Chinese demand for steel in 2013 will be increased by 2% -4%. The recently approved infrastructure projects are to be implemented, with modest growth in exports, which will be the main factors driving the demand for the release.
in my background of serious excess of domestic exports to ease domestic production of steel has become too big to release an important way. Dec. increasingly closer, but with the advent of Christmas and New Years Day and other holidays, the market demand at home and abroad, there will be further increased. The situation in respect of rail freight has also continued to improve, the real economy continues to improve. From the long-term point of view, next year with the steady recovery in the U.S. and other countries economy and domestic reform measures launched or will directly increase the pace of development of the real economy next year.
followed downstream aspects of the country, "Chinas economic development model is still labor-intensive, manufacturing-based, and the development of the manufacturing sector needs resources, raw materials and the need for inter-regional flows of goods, and therefore growth, especially railway sources increase in coal, oil and other products can directly reflect the amount of transport economy, the supply increased economic development entity means the entity to pass out to the good signal.

urban rail construction, recently there are part of the project approval in advance, five-city rail planning another breakthrough. And with many of the citys subway project this year approved in advance, or even next year there will still be plenty of projects licensed in the entire five-year plan to achieve identified 3,000 km of urban rail transit operators nationwide mileage, it is expected to rise to 4000 breakthrough km, which gave the market hope.
whole, regardless of the current economic situation, export, or downstream economy, gave a more optimistic market expectations, but the logistics released November manufacturing PMI is in line ups and downs, which are In the display of the real economy is strong, therefore, we expect a positive factor in the promotion of multi-party, after the shock will usher in the domestic steel market or demand for the release of the stage.





其次是在国内下游方面, “我国经济发展模式依然是劳动密集型,以制造业为主,而制造业的发展需要资源、原材料以及商品需要跨区域流动,因而铁路货源的增长尤其是煤、石油等产品运输量的增加能够直接反映出实体经济运行情况,货源增加则意味着实体经济发展传递出向好信号.