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Steel winter storage is not stored

Steel winter storage is not stored,Haixin steel mesh, "years ago to take advantage of cheap winter storage, gradually pushing up years later," was used for many years in the steel industry, trade patterns, but the last two years due to the dismal market environment, whether in the end becomes a let Dongchu steel trading business very tangled problem. This winter, I believe that the steel trade lukewarm willingness to hoard goods industry raised concerns again, this situation also reflects the industrys prospects for next year for the industry more pessimistic attitude.
reservoir and the reservoir is not
According to Hai Xin steel
understanding between November to March next year belong to the construction steel market in the off-season. Northern winter cold weather, leading to the construction site started to reduce, steel sales declined, steel trading business will take advantage of the low stockpile, after expecting to return to work to drive steel prices rebound spring site. However, a growing number of steel trade Steel City to continue next year due to concerns about weak, have said they did not consider Dongchu or slashed reserves.
have steel trade frankly, Buyer enthusiasm is not high, significantly reduced purchases, many steel trading business for promotional offering a variety of incentives, some businesses and even commitment to customers payment, the first shipment. " , but the actual effect is poor. In fact, the steel trading business mentality has always been a tangle. As the market outlook is quite confused, in the end without the steel into winter storage, when to start Dongchu difficult decision. Haixin Stencil said.
Currently, we have no plans in this regard, because after the steel city hit by "late spring" spring next year is expected to have a significant improvement in steel prices is also difficult. Hideaki steel analyst said publicly, at present, more than half of the market made it clear that this years steel trading business without Dongchu plan.
demand for money is tight

Hideaki Analysts pointed out that with the industry to adjust, tight money, and many other reasons, to the end of November this year, only to have Dongchu Harbin action, other cities inventory lows, existing stocks over two million tons of steel Trade is also one of the few suppliers, compared with the 2008 financial crisis, businesses are now more cautious.
learned from the steel point of view, the current market price has dropped to its lowest level in five years, banks continue to tighten lending in the background, with a steel trading business capital becomes smaller. Meanwhile, many steel trade bearish market outlook, not ordering the steel mills, but also do not want to store goods that from December to play next year before Qingming is "short positions" period, demand will be significantly reduced, and now on the warehouse order , the funds are occupied, also lost a lot of interest. pressure increase
next year

experienced several failures after winter storage, as well as the entire industry was cooling, more sensible steel trading business trends, industry profits, after all, the era is over. 2014 Even with energy conservation and other information as a good support, but steel production will remain high is an indisputable fact that psychology has pushed up the stockpile undesirable.
Haixin steel Overall, under the influence of unfavorable factors, this Dongchu exceptionally quiet. This naturally increases the steel mills and steel trading business of selling pressure. Earlier, the vice president of the Association of Zhang Changfu Steel Association revealed that from January to October this year, the main steel industry profits are actually only 554 million yuan, with an average profit of 0.84 yuan per ton, can not buy a bottle of mineral water.
I predict that the current downturn in the steel city, converting the steel industry out of the woods next year.