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Hebei Iron and Steel Industry surgical treatment haze pollut

2013 National Environmental Protection Ministry announced the "74 key cities nationwide air quality," the first 10 months of monthly and quarterly Top Rank show that the countrys 10 most polluted cities ranking, over half came from Hebei, Tangshan, Handan, City Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, Baoding is a continuous list.
hardest hit as air pollution, coal smoke particulate matter in Hebei as the main feature, huge emissions of air pollutants, Hebei people most of the year are also in polluted air into Beijing, Tianjin and those neighboring provinces City truly a "bad neighborhood." Hebei pollution has become urgent.
moment, Hebei province going down a Sturm und Drang style of air pollution control movement. Almost every one went into the city, at any level of government, can be seen as a cure haze and were busy and tired face. "Able to fulfill the GDP index, at most criticized;. They might air pollution prevention and control, we must pick his post"

However, Rome was not built in a day, a huge pollution, geographic conditions are not conducive to the spread of atmospheric pollutants extensive management, Hebei several polluted cities has long been a common problem. Hebei to cut coal, adjusting structure, promoting conservation, strong law enforcement, not shouting numerous slogans that simple.
do not want to do "bad neighbor"

10 20 March, starting all the way south from Beijing, Baoding could see blue sky, but the next Shijiazhuang, Handan, Muan, air quality is one place better than one place.
"Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding area is the countrys most polluted regions, three provinces of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei is the most important tasks in pollution provinces last year is mainly the province of atmospheric pollutants nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide emissions respectively, ranking first and third in the country. nations 10 most polluted cities in Hebei firmly in sixty-seven this year, eight months ago, the provincial average of only 1/3 of the time to be able to breathe a little more air to reach the target. "This is September 27th Hebei Provincial Party Secretary Zhou Shun (hereinafter referred to as the provinces air pollution control action mobilization meeting on the" Hebei pollution mobilization ") made presentations.
Zhou Shun mentioned in his speech: "General Secretary Xi Jinping asked this question several times, and my comrades Qingwei (refer governor of Hebei Province Zhang Qingwei - editors note) and members of the Standing Committee has a blushing, sweating, sitting could not feel the weight of the hat we could not lift their heads, but also the weight of Hebei ashamed. "

pressure also from neighboring Hebei province, many people think is too serious pollution Hebei, leading to Beijing, Tianjin haze serious. Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Atmospheric Boundary Layer Physics and spontaneous Wang, director of the State Key Laboratory for Atmospheric Chemistry with a dynamic simulation diagram illustrates: 2010 Beijing pollutant emissions for atmospheric monitoring year, found that sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and other pollutants, Beijing himself Basically 70%, nearly 30% are from the surrounding "contribution."
this regard, vice president of the China Environmental Science Research firewood CDCC noted that most of the mutual influence of air pollution and wind-related. Various parts of their pollution are heavy, and the vast majority of this pollution is self-inflicted. However, geographical location and economic structure, "is certainly a greater impact in Hebei to Beijing." According to director of environmental NGO Public and Environmental Research Center, Ma, "China Economic Weekly" reports, only coal consumption, for example, Beijing coal 22 million tons per year, almost 70 million tons, Tianjin, Hebei Province, the nearly 300 million tons, collaborative governance is the hardest.
Accordingly, the experts pointed out that air pollution control district of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, a province not matter, but the task of governance is absolutely Hebei heaviest.
pollution in Hebei will be held two weeks before mobilization, September 12, "the history of the most stringent" and "Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "ten") promulgated, have come up with their own country action. "Ten" specializes in Article VIII of the "establishment of a regional cooperation mechanism to co-ordinate regional environmental governance" a detailed description of the specific requirements established in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta regional cooperation mechanisms for prevention of air pollution in the region by the provincial government and State Council departments participate, coordinate and solve environmental problems highlighted area. "Zone defense" in the fight against air pollution has become a mechanism is highly valued. After
, environmental protection and other six ministries issued "in Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas to implement air pollution control action plan implementation details," and signed letters of responsibility in Hebei Province.
pollution in Hebei mobilization meeting, representatives of provincial governors and mayors Zhang Qingwei signed letters of responsibility for air pollution control goals. Zhou Shun said in his speech: "Three years has improved, significant improvement in five years, it is our solemn commitment, we say that the book is the responsibility of the military order, must not be discounted, give an account of the failure to schedule time to complete the task of rectification. If the hind legs dragging the province, according to liability form signed by a clear statement. "

take their "food industry" surgery
Zhang Qingwei
??mobilization meeting in Hebei pollution introduced in 2012 in Hebei iron and steel, building materials, electric power industry, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions by 862,000 tons and 991,000 tons, accounting for 64.3% of the provinces total emissions, respectively, and 56.3%.
irrational industrial structure in Hebei province is deteriorating environment "pivotal", and this "pivotal" the most sensitive place is the first pillar of Hebei economy - iron and steel industries.
As of the end of 2012, Hebei province has a total refining capacity of 148 iron and steel enterprises, the total assets of more than 9570 billion yuan, directly employing 610,000 people, crude steel production capacity of 286 million tons, 220 million tons of crude steel production in 2012 , capacity, production exceeded the countrys 1/4 386.5 billion yuan of industrial added value in 2012, accounting for 13.9% GDP in;. paid taxes 40.5 billion yuan, accounting for 11.6% of revenue. We can say that the steel industry in Hebei "housekeeping industry" and "food industry."
However, the steel industry gathered many "high energy consumption, high pollution and low efficiency" project, making Hebei breathe. Zhou Shun said, Hebei "national energy consumption by 1/12, only to create a national GDP 1/20, the fiscal revenue of 1/34."
under the jurisdiction of Wuan in Handan City, the locals to the "China Economic Weekly" reflects: "Those steel enterprises boss that he earned a lot of money to go abroad, and the pollution caused by their own business, but left the locals bear. "

Muan of 18 steel companies are all private enterprises. Among them, there is a ranking of the top 500 private enterprises in iron and steel enterprises, according to the person in charge of the corporate environmental capital investment is not small, the years they probably reached twenty-three billion. To go in the factory, dirty air still blowingHebei Iron and Steel Industry surgical treatment haze pollution they might take would throw mandarin,. There observer told reporters, environmental equipment steel prices to pay big bucks for this installation may not start.
a state-owned steel company official told reporters: "Our products, environmental protection equipment, if opened, will make a ton of steel, but a lot of one-twenty-dollar private enterprise environmental protection equipment does not open a ton. Steel earn 200 yuan. called how we compete? "

and industrial structure echoes the energy structure. Hebei coal dominates the energy consumption structure, which is in Hebei to the "coal-burning" mainly characterized by the formation of atmospheric pollution. Shijiazhuang City, capital of the coal consumed 50 million a year to 6,000 tons, the equivalent of nearly three consumption in Beijing; Tangshan City, fired more than 97 million tons a year, compared with a years Hubei Province, coal consumption is only 110 million tons.
they might air pollution prevention and control should throw mandarin

"according to state-assigned tasks, the overall goal is the prevention of air pollution in Hebei: to 2017, the province of fine particulate matter concentrations decreased more than 25% over 2012, air pollution around the capital and heavier Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Baoding , Langfang and Dingzhou, Xinji fine particulate matter concentration was decreased by 33% over 2012 ...... the provinces overall ambient air quality improved significantly reduce heavy pollution Weather to 2022, basically eliminating heavy pollution weather. "Zhang Qingwei mobilization pollution in Hebei meeting specific demands. And specific to the steel industry and coal consumption are two sources of pollution, "to 2017, the provinces coal consumption in 2012, based on a net reduction of 40 million tons and 60 million tons of steel production capacity Yajian."
this end, Hebei Province issued "in Hebei coal consumption and cut steel production capacity Yajian task decomposition scheme" (hereinafter "," plan ","). Based "solutions" to the end of 2015, the provinces production capacity of 14.47 million tons Yajian iron, crude steel production capacity of 15.86 million tons, 8.75 million tons of coal consumption reductions; to the end of 2017, the province will Yajian iron production capacity 66.72 million tons, crude steel production capacity of 67.26 million tons, 40.34 million tons of coal consumption reductions.
"plan" also Yajian cement for glass production capacity, elimination of coal-fired boilers, coal washing banning exotic, shutting down below the rank of 100,000 kilowatts of small thermal power units are all points by the end of 2015, by the end of 2017 two nodes quantifies the task. 11 municipalities and districts, and two straight City were also received by node by category of cuts and Yajian tasks.
Yajian steel production capacity, accelerate structural adjustment, industrial transformation and upgrading of Hebei is still a top priority.
10 16, executive vice governor of Hebei Province, Yang Chongyong when the deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said Hu Zucai talks, the Hebei provincial government is determined to "ton output capacity," the courage to solve the problem. Since 2011, the industry to find out the base, on the illegal construction projects in a comprehensive inventory of 58 items were removed, cessation, fines and other processing, steel and Guang wenan far two new projects were violations of administrative accountability enable capacity expansion has been effectively controlled. Hebei has promulgated and implemented the energy consumption and emissions of local standards stricter than the national standard, mandatory access threshold to improve energy conservation. administrative accountability
Yang Chongyong mentioned, is the March of this year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Supervision Center North Hebei Steel focus when a full investigation found that the presence of 60% of the provinces environmental problems run enterprises, 70% of the dust removal facilities is not running normal, eight production wastewater discharge violations. Which Langfang and Beijing next Wenan Iron and Steel Company, Langfang Anci District Guang Yuan Metal Products Company became the typical punishment.
According to media reports, Hebei steel project related violations have been dealt with, which was dismissed Wang Wenan county, and the remaining nine responsibilities were given administrative demerits or warnings party.
in air pollution control pressure, the government set aside high-voltage lines. "If it does not pass, power, water, government means plenty." Tangshan city government invited to consult Xinzhi pure said.
Yang Chongyong and Hu Zucai during talks revealed that at present, sought the views of relevant ministries, after China International Engineering Consulting Corporation to assess the argument "in Hebei steel industry structural adjustment programs", has been submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission.
"China Economic Weekly" has learned that in this adjustment programs, Hebei Province, will use 5 to 8 years, the pressure to cut through the scale of 2020, steel production capacity will be controlled at about 200 million tons, of which the first five In Yajian to 220 million tons; By optimizing the industrial layout, speed steel production capacity to focus and resources to the coastal port areas, the corresponding proportion of steel production capacity from the current focus area is less than 40% to 70%; through the implementation of joint reorganization, the formation of 15 business groups, capacity accounts for over 90% of the province, the provinces steel companies to reduce the number of more than 60%; through the promotion of energy conservation, energy consumption and pollutant emissions per ton of steel at or better than the national average; by adding large technological efforts, the main equipment to the domestic advanced level; through enhancing innovation capacity, product structure optimization and upgrading; through relevant pluralism, non-steel industry from the current main business income accounted for less than 10% to over 20%.
in Hebei, air pollution prevention and control has been referred to an unprecedented height. A county party secretary, said: "I am able to fulfill the GDP index, at most criticized; they might air pollution prevention and control, pick up my hat, which can be worth it."
the surplus, backward production capacity banned Yajian is easy. But there must be a better industry to make up, to ensure the stable development of revenues, staff employment and the whole society and economy, this is difficult.