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Steel prices rise collective transformation pressure shock s

12 10, Hebei Iron and Steel Group chairman to resign, and on the previous day, Shougang Group Chairman Wang Qinghai transferred to other duties because the outgoing party secretary, the chairman of the post. Some industry insiders believe that the newly appointed successor to the relatively young, in the current downturn in the steel industry as a whole situation, with the leaders of the urgent need to reform spirit. But also with a view of the succession are concerned for the overall market environment is very severe, losses can only profit even before the line. Frequent high-level changes

12 9, was born in the early years of Shougang Group Airborne Jin Wei, director of the Beijing Municipal Commission by letter Shougang party secretary and chairman of the board, said the Beijing Municipal Committee Wang Qinghai former retired due to health reasons.
"Wang Qinghai took more than 1 year before retiring, the main idea is to consider their work does not meet the current environment faced by Shougang." an industry source told reporters that Wang Qinghai office have been emphasizing cost reduction, and the current Shougang The development direction of steel products to the fine adjustment. Operations who Shougang Qianan LLC
had an interview with reporters also confirmed to reporters that the company is currently developing Qiangang to quality plate production base direction.
"Jin Wei Qiangang previously served as general manager on, during which successfully organized and completed the first set of automated steelmaking technology research and development tasks, and to promote the quality of Qiangang steel production base in the direction of development, as Shougangs one of the few high-quality assets, will be approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission official documents formally inject Shougang Corporation. "said Professor Xu Zhongbo Beijing University of Technology.
40-year-old Jin Wei Among the youngest number one steel prices, the reforms have greater courage, but in industry profit, the difficulty is not small. "Shougang loss was mainly due to the relocation of affected mills, also coincides with the downturn in the steel industry in recent years, and early debt burden heavier." Said Xu Zhongbo.
It is understood that Shougang Caofeidian project a total investment of 67.7 billion yuan, annual sales income as planned after the completion of the first phase of 44.33 billion yuan and net profit of 8.079 billion yuan.
quite coincidentally, the evening of 10 December, Hebei Iron and Steel announced that the company chairman Wang Yifang "because of job transfers," resigned from all his positions, the former vice chairman Yong took over; while the former deputy general manager of Pengzhao Feng resigned from office Meanwhile, the second session of the Board was nominated for director candidates. A little bit earlier, general manager of Hebei Iron and Steel Group International Trade Company in Hebei SASAC 田泽军 has been removed. Just over one months time, Hebei Iron and Steel Group 3 executives adjustments.
"problem River Steel Groups new chairman faces more complex." For the personnel changes and river Shougang Steel Group, said Xu Zhongbo, Hebei Iron and Steel Group is actually quite dispersed under the charge of former chairman Wang Yifang, product structures are not well adjusted, Baosteel and other steel enterprises in the development of walking the fine, while the River Steel Group simply increase productivity scale, missed the opportunity to adjust.
pressure cuts in energy and environmental protection under the dual pressure of difficulties, in Yongs office concern.
Xu Zhongbo believes Yong in Tangshan Iron and Steel Groups chairman for three years, and successfully created a "green Tangshan Iron and Steel" corporate image, the more excellent work in the environmental aspects of steel prices, while the product structure is also more Tangsteel reasonable, more important is 5 years old Wang Yifang compared to older, more reforms in the spirit of courage, which will bring positive River Steel Group.
Forced hundred steel prices to break

Whether Wang Qinghai Wang Yifang or resignation due to health reasons "because of job transfers," resigned from all his positions, are left to the task of restructuring and development of a successor.
It is understood that after the end of 2010, Shougang Beijing Shijingshan iron and steel smelting plant, hot rolling capacity of all discontinued, Shougang Groups results for the third consecutive year decline. Announcements, 2011 total revenue of 12.516 billion yuan Shougang shares, down 55.15%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 11.78 million yuan, down 96.93%; while the first three quarters of this year, Shougang shares continued loss -3.91 billion, decreased 26.86% over the previous year; main income 7.001 billion yuan, down 11.05 percent over the previous year. And since
River Steel Group was established, the annual growth in steel production from 31.08 million tons to 42.84 million tons, however, corporate profits have been declining. Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Hebei Iron and Steel Corporation reported figures showed, in 2011, Hebei Steel net profit of 1.38 billion yuan, by 2012 it dropped to 109 million yuan large, down 92%; while as of September 30, 2013, Hebei Iron and StSteel prices rise collective transformation pressure shock successors highlights,eel net profit fell 68% again.
Previously, the strategic direction of the two companies are not the same. After Wang Qinghai
??successor has said, to create "three Shougang", making it an internationally influential conglomerates, while accelerating the transformation of the Shougang Beijing area, the development of new industries and high-end industries. The River Steel Group is not made clearer strategic direction, established only in 2008, CISA vice chairman Luo told the media that the establishment of the River Steel Groups steel industry will help improve concentration, and the entire Hebei Iron and Steel focus gradually shifted to the coast, but now it seems that goal is not achieved.
Xu Zhongbo think, Shougang Group after years of development, now a forward direction quality steel production base development, and Wang Qinghai ideas are still at the stage of cost reduction, not suitable for Shougang Groups transformation; while River Steel Group is the need to improve subsidiary uneven situation.
China Shougang Group was founded in 1919, has been 90 years of history; and the formation of the River Steel Groups two major steel enterprises, Tangshan Iron and Steel Group was founded in 1943, has been 70 years of history, Handan Iron and Steel Group it was founded in 1958, has 55 years of history.
Insiders believe that steel prices above several times after the chairman of the big shake, or will usher in a new development ideas.