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Construction steel market gradually pick up steel mills and

China Building Decoration Association Materials Committee of the Secretary-General after round t price decline in more than $ 200 after dip process, the domestic construction steel market has gradually warmed intended. While the overall steel market is not busy, but after a year of "relative demand season" is coming, the market supply and demand there are some positive signs. Steel mills and miners somewhat lost patience, and in a hurry to raise prices. According to monitoring, Shanghai construction steel market is bottoming basic repair phase. As of 2, reported on the price of 4080 yuan per ton, up 20 yuan a week. Currently, two tons of rebar price in Shanghai on behalf of quality product specifications at around 4,000 yuan, up 20 yuan a week; quoted Shanghai rebar quality product at around 4,170 yuan per ton, up 20 yuan a week also. Related analysts say this latest round bottom, east Chinas steel price decline in cumulative construction reached 200 yuan per ton, traders face large losses. However, while the process is the bottom foam extrusion process, which the market will provide some support. With the rebound in steel prices
market, steel price increases desire to go hand in hand, "immediately went to." In the past week, the domestic construction steel manufacturers round up the latest factory price. Which, in east Chinas leading steel Shagang early March to wire, rebar, plate, screw the prices, were up by 50 yuan per ton. It has been tracking the steel price adjustment information agency source said, "this time from the ex-factory price increases, there are six months old." Visible past six months, the domestic construction steel market trend overall is quite bleak. However, it is noted that, although anxious to steel price increases, but the magnitude is not large, the market outlook remains cautious judgment to ensure proper organization of the contract is the most important consideration.
Currently, domestic crude steel capacity utilization is still relatively low. However, there is concern within the market, once the steel prices continue to rise, the release of crude steel production capacity will be significantly faster, in turn, will suppress domestic steel prices to rise. This is how to control the inside, reflects the maturity of the domestic steel industry, "whether there grow."
a rise in steel prices, ore prices have "Jihouhou" follow up. Although domestic ore prices basically stable, but some mines bullish psychology has increased, some even in control of shipments. However, most of the mills are still taken to suspend the procurement guidelines, foreign temporarily offer. Price mine also rose slightly, 63.5% grade Indian iron ore is currently quoted at around $ 147 per ton, up $ 2 a week.
relevant institutions analysts believe, has been quite a long time been regarded as "stagnant" in the middle of the steel market demand, currently has an active phase, indicating that the steel city of confidence and popularity of a certain recovery, traders fill Library demand began to pick up. Determine the short-term price movements in demand, capital, attitude and other factors, are more or less there have been some positive changes, which is expected to promote the steel market prices steady rise. But quite a few businesses on how to take the long-term method of the steel city, still no idea.