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December 11 Steel City Morning Reading crude data fight

Core Tip: Bureau of Statistics released data, November national average daily production of crude steel 2,029,300 tons, a decline of 3.34 percent, the highest since its lowest level this year. Fu Bao found CISA data and statistics to fight again, the official departure from the ideas and the actual situation again. "Chinas steel watch Hebei, Tangshan, Hebei Steel to see" who was once the pride of Tangshan Iron and Steel, and now has evolved into a "Chinese pollution look Hebei, Tangshan, Hebei pollution watch," it was embarrassing.
NBS News, November nationwide average daily production of 2,029,300 tons of crude steel, a decline of 3.34 percent, the highest since its lowest level this year. November 2013 crude steel output 60.88 million tons, an increase of 4.2%; 1-11 months, Chinas total crude steel production of 712.86 million tons, an increase of 7.8%. 2013 1-11 months, the national output of 650.5 million tons of pig iron, an increase of 5.9%. Among them, the November production of 52.9 million tons of pig iron nationwide, an increase of 0.6%. 2013 1-11 months, the national steel output 978.78 million tons, an increase of 11.5%. Among them, the November national steel output 90.32 million tons, an increase of 10%. .
Interpretation: You can see from the statistics, with the promulgation of air pollution control programs, as well as "the implementation of Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas of air pollution control action plan implementation details," antifouling pollution linked with a series of black yarn implementation measures, domestic crude steel, pig iron production have shown a significant decline in the formation of the positive outlook. Among them, the pig iron production in November year on year growth of only 0.6%, and more is a big state control of the intensity of the blast furnace. The above simple analysis I conducted in accordance with official thinking, and true thoughts below. Believes that every regulation to industry concentration, the data can always develop in line with expectations, it would be a Chinese characteristics. According to Fu Bao Hebei iron market research to understand the current Handan, Tangshan subway plant does shut down more, but there are some areas of the business to reflect the operating rate of decline in small ironworks is not obvious, but large-scale ironworks started by more serious impact. It seems that the local air pollution control countermeasure first move should be - backward God horses are clouds, as long as the index down the line, one a go off a small ironworks more Mana, directly related to a large, two months do not worry about it. In addition, with the Bureau of Statistics CISA appeared seemingly conflict, according to CISA estimates, probably in November average daily crude steel 2,122,300 tons, a difference of about 10 million tons.
According to sources, recently held air pollution Tangshan Iron and Steel and other five industries Action Conference, meeting proposed for the steel industry, the steel industry to complete all sintering machine desulfurization project end of this year and before the end of 2014 to complete dust removal facilities upgrading. A medium-sized steel mills in Tangshan region to the great wisdom agency responsible person said, Tangshan City, and recently held a conference atmospheric pollution action steel, coking five sectors, and introduced a program of action required in the steel, coke, cement, electricity and Glass industry concentration of atmospheric pollution control action. According to its sources, the meeting proposed for the five industries have their own goals, which, on completion of all requirements of the steel industry, iron and steel sintering machine desulfurization project before the end of 2013, and before the end of 2014 to complete the upgrading of existing facilities dust Work. "Recently, Hebei Province, Tangshan city government for air pollution control, and indeed under a lot of determination, continuous introduction of relevant policies on the steel industry raised more stringent requirements." Above official said, "Now it seems that the steel industry in the short term is difficult get rid of air pollution control and defuse the dual pressures of excess capacity. "

read: "China Steel watch Hebei, Tangshan, Hebei Steel to see" who was once the pride of Tangshan Iron and Steel, and now has evolved into a "Chinese pollution look Hebei, Tangshan, Hebei pollution watch," it was embarrassing. However, according to research to understand the rich treasure, the current remediation efforts Tangshan Iron and Steel industry is indeed large, it seems that people watched under pressure is indeed not small. The end points of the analysts is the time the annual report released in "ten" (air pollution control plan) and haze days deep confrontation, people have predicted in 2014 the biggest factor affecting the steel city or in this, but the fact that what How? Post an ad psoriasis, so stay tuned, "2014 China Steel Investment Strategy Report."
from day yesterday Steel "2014 sales of building materials Fair" was informed business next year agreement to jointly sell steel products is expected to reach 12 million tons contracted amount. According Zhongtian Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Dong Liyuan introduced in 2013, the increase in product development, while gifted Steel Group around the state industrial policy and development needs of the construction market, strengthen high-strength materials production line process improvement and technology transformation, fully upgraded the level of equipment, improve product quality, seismic steel series, fine grain steel series full specifications matching, especially HRB700 successfully filled the seismic level of domestic high-strength steel in the field blank, in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Chongqing and other places of high strength steel production and supply business model. Construction Products Group was awarded CISA "metallurgical products quality Gold Award", widely used in all key projects in Jiangsu Province city subway and other projects, and exported to Thailand, Japan, Korea and other regions, production and marketing rate reached 100%.
Yesterday evening, Hebei Iron and Steel announced that the company chairman Wang Yifang due to job transfers, on December 10, 2013 submitted his resignation to the Board of Directors report, resigned from his position as the application of the second session of the Board of Directors of the company with immediate effect, the Directors Long and Strategy Committee, the Nomination Committee duties. On the same day, Deputy General Manager 彭兆丰 also submit a written resignation, due to changes in the work, apply resigned as deputy general manager. Notice also that the date of the company that held the board elected former vice chairman took over as chairman, while former Handan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., deputy party secretary of the Discipline Committee, Chairman of the Supervisory 赵瑞祥 was appointed as Vice President of the company.
State Council yesterday decided to cancel and decentralization of administrative approval items 68 (which has two projects are confidential, according to the provisions of notice), and published 82 administrative approval to cancel the project directory and decentralized management levels, including the previously "the State Council on decision "to cancel and decentralization of a number of administrative examination and approval of proposed projects and other matters involving the law 16 administrative approval items (the Standing Committee of the State Council has amended the National Peoples Congress in accordance with the relevant laws and legal procedures). Administrative approval is canceled projects include coal production license issuance, approval of the establishment of coal enterprises, such as private schools approved the appointment of principals. Coal production license issuance, approval of the establishment of coal enterprises are based on the original "Coal Law" setting. With the NDRC to develop a "coal business regulatory approach", and the provinces to develop implementing rules, the provincial department designated coal production and licensing approval. Both canceled, ending the coal production permits and coal business license system. A coal industry on the "First Financial Daily" reporters, said the State Department in charge of coal and coal for coal production enterprise production and operation of enterprises will be reduced by substantial intervention. This is equivalent to tie loose coal producers, coal production enterprises in favor of traveling light, coal production, the degree of market transactions will be further enhanced.
10, the Dow Jones industrial average fell 52.47 points to close at 15,973.06 points, down 0.33%; Standard & Poors 500 index fell 5.75 points to close at 1802.62 points, down 0.32%; Nasdaq composite index fell 8.26 points to close at 4060.49 points, down 0.20 percent. New York crude oil futures prices rose 1.2 percent on Tuesday to close at $ 98.51 a barrel. New York gold futures prices rose 2.2 percent on Tuesday, closing at $ 1,261.10 an ounce. The dollar index fell 0.17, to close 79.98, down 0.21%. London Metal Exchange (LME) copper futures rose $ 19.75 to close at $ 7,163.75, up 0.28%.
10 days of snail opened 05 3726, the day the high platform around 3720 main shock, the maximum 3737, minimum 3708, closed 3716, or a decrease of 0.03%, capital in general, somewhat higher than the previous volume atrophy, decreased by 2.4 Senju positions. Technically, the Japanese K Line high shock overcast, KDJ index high passivation, MACD indicators run on the strong side. Spot trends stabilize. The operation of short-term high-band operation of the long and short sides, note 3730 platform resistance, support 3700. Part of snails running high, the general impact on the spot.
● Ore: 10 days outside the mine iron ore weak stability, the mine south than the northern. Platts index, the S & P futures rose 0.5 U.S. dollars yesterday, the index is now 62% of Australian Pink $ 139.25 / ton. Iron ore futures closed: 05 Ore received 942, or a decline of 0.11%, up to 947, the lowest 942. K line platform shock overcast, short-term attention platform 10 day moving average support. Imported ore tender and platforms traded weak; spot market remains quiet, although port stocks fell slowly, but none shipped traders will is not strong, did not change much compared to the previous quote, material now steady. Domestic ore market as a whole showed a strong north south weak, especially after steel inventory fill Northeast began an ongoing lower prices lower prices, market activity dropped significantly; northern stalemate rest of the market is still showing the pattern of expected weak steady running shortly.
● Coke: 10 days Huaibei two metallurgical coke factory-tax price 1450 yuan / ton, two metallurgical coke plant in Tangshan tax price 1410-1440 yuan / ton, Handan two tax price of metallurgical coke to plant 1330 yuan / ton, Linfen two metallurgical coke factory-tax price 1210 yuan / ton, Pingdingshan two metallurgical coke factory-tax price 1350-1380 yuan / ton, sunshine two tax price of metallurgical coke to plant 1390-1400 yuan / ton Yinchuan eighty coke factory tax price 760 yuan / ton, Qitaihe two metallurgical coke factory-tax price 1330 yuan / ton, Wuhai two metallurgical coke factory-tax price 1050 yuan / ton, Tianjin Port two metallurgical coke open tax price of 1420-1460 yuan / ton, the coke market is generally good, active trading, coke prices on the pre-holiday market is still generally optimistic, although the steel market downturn, but the steel coke inventory levels and more low, compared to the strong demand for replenishment, strong efforts to support the market, the market outlook is expected to remain strong continuation.
● billet: the 10th Tangshan billet market barometer steady, Kuniyoshi, booming, An Feng, Hongxing tax carbon billet factory 3000 yuan / ton, low alloy 3120 yuan / ton, traders naked price 2890 - 2900 yuan / ton. Yesterday a steady rise in Tangshan finished products, the downstream demand procurement billet, billet fewer resources circulating current market, the high cost of steel price will very strong; but the downstream finished products shipped over the bland, less purchases of blank, lack of business confidence, wait and see, so that the billet Change dilemma, expected short-term steady consolidation.
● Plate: 10 close, the Shanghai market closing price of hot rolled 3480-3520 yuan / ton, unchanged from the previous day, the Tianjin market closing price of hot rolled 3360-3380 yuan / ton, unchanged from the previous day, Music from the market closing price of hot rolled 3660-3670 yuan / ton, compared with the previous days high of decline.
● materials: Yesterday trends stabilize domestic building materials, only Southwest mills by resource shortages and price increases caused by the upstream part, because of environmental pressure, measures to limit production around the enhancement caused by crude steel production fell, but in view of Chinas steel overcapacity is very serious, steady progress on the market is difficult to short-term government play a significant role in the improvement of steel material now Beijing three seismic big river snails 3390-3400 yuan / ton, compared with the previous days steady weakening; steel three on the sand magnitude Lo 3710 yuan / ton, compared with the previous days stable; Guangzhou Steel three large snails 3850 yuan / ton, compared with the previous days stable.
● Plate: markets, domestic hot-rolled yesterday except for a few cities each have ups and downs, most of the other areas to keep steady. And a small part of the user terminal Dongchu, brokers relatively active, driven by overall market traded lower still. However, under financial strain, business operations remain cautious, take the amount of late shipments, return of funds is still the top priority. Considering the current market for low, low demand basic balance, the overall mentality stable businesses, is expected to continue this national hot rolled flat. Shanghai market 5.5mm mainstream price 3480-3520 yuan / ton, Tianjin, Tangshan Iron and Steel 5.5mm mainstream market quotations 3360-3390 yuan / ton; Lecong steel market 5.5mm Liu mainstream price 3660-3670 yuan / ton.
















●板材:市场方面,昨国内热轧除少数城市互有涨跌,其他大部分地区守稳.而终端部分用户少量冬储,中间商相对活跃,带动市场整体低位成交尚可.不过资金紧张情况下,商家操作保持谨慎,年底出货走量、回笼资金仍是首要任务.考虑当前市场低供、低需基本平衡,商家整体心态稳定,预计今全国热卷延续平稳.上海市场5.5mm主流报价3480-3520元/吨,天津市场5.5mm唐钢主流报价3360-3390元/吨;乐从市场5.5mm柳钢主流报价3660-3670元/吨.,December 11 Steel City Morning Reading crude data fight.