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Iron and steel industry in December 2013 Monthly

inevitable decline in real estate investment, infrastructure investment remained stable external economic recovery helped steady recovery in the manufacturing sector, the manufacturing PMI adopted in mid-November with the previous month, the overall macroeconomic stable. Nov. Steel City is not short off-season, steel and ore prices rose steadily, industry profitability improved slightly. Steel industry coming season, December supply and demand situation is basically stable, dealers and end-users will be launched Dongchu, industry fundamentals are expected to continue to improve slightly, we judge Dec. steel prices rose 3 percent less likely to have, the ore price increase in 5% or less. Steel industry fundamentals may be slightly better, but the lack of overall investment opportunities, maintaining a "hold" rating. Relatively optimistic about the oil and gas pipes, ductile iron pipe and other sub-sectors leading companies.
12 Record Investment portfolio: Yulong shares, long-established special materials, Jinzhou pipeline, Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes, a large steel square.
10 average daily crude steel output fell sharply, end demand gradually into the off-season

10 average daily crude steel output fell sharply, steel exports increased slightly qoq. Focus on steel prices steel stocks hit during times higher steel inventories declined for eight consecutive weeks. Shanghai market share in monthly terminal pileare MoM increase significantly. Downstream demand chain fell slightly in October, November the traditional off-season demand hardly improved significantly.
longs stronger than sheet metal, ore prices is stronger than steel, Dec. steel ore prices will rise slightly

dynamic longs prices rose by 1-2%, plate chain fell 1 percent - rose 1 percent, the monthly average price rose about 1% and a decrease of approximately 0-2%, respectively; within ore price dynamics rose 2.51% outside the mine rose 2.26 percent, the monthly average rose 1.47 percent and 0.80 percent respectively. November although the steel industry the traditional low season, but with environmental regulatory policy tightening around the various regulations gradually fall, on the one hand makes the average daily production of crude steel in October dropped significantly, on the other hand can enhance the production environment to a certain extent market confidence, Nov. Steel City is not short off-season pattern. Currently generally stable macroeconomic, monetary policy is more robust, December advent season steel industry, the industry supply and demand situation is basically stable, but Dongchu behavior mills, dealers and end-userIron and steel industry in December 2013 Monthly,s will continue, industry fundamentals may be a slight improvement is expected in December Steel prices may rise 3% or less, ore prices may rise less than 5%.
11 月份 steel industry profitability improved slightly in December to a slight improvement in profit or

10 months, the medium-sized steel enterprises realized sales income of 299.581 billion yuan, down 2.16%; realized a total profit of 2.02 billion yuan, a decrease of 38.15%, total profit in investment income and other income share is still great. Industry profitability improved slightly in November, December steel, ore prices are expected to rise slightly, the industry is likely to continue to improve profitability. Various sub-sectors, oil and gas pipelines and ductile iron pipe will benefit from the decline in steel and ore prices. On the specific variety, by the end of November 2013 the gross profit per ton of steel long products 17-71 yuan / ton, per ton of other varieties losses 161-299 yuan / ton. Risk Warning: lower than expected demand and restocking; environmental capacity to less than expected; industry risks.