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Resolve the overcapacity of steel supporting policies to imp

?" Currently, steel overcapacity reached a very critical stage, the State Council "to resolve the serious excess capacity contradictory guidance opinion "the most prominent feature in the resolve the word." held in late November of green manufacturing - the International Symposium on the future of steel and automobiles, China Steel Industry Association executive vice president Zhu Jimin said, "able to resolve production surplus, the state will introduce a number of measures, and to play a decisive role of market players. "
? Zhu Jimin does not evade the current steel industry there is a serious overcapacity problem. He said, "currently under construction and ready to build a steel production capacity of about 90 million tons as well as fact, last year, we calculate the actual utilization of Chinas steel production capacity is 72% to 75%, the total surplus is undisputed." serious excess capacity affects the profitability of the entire industry. "Last year, the steel industry is the industry-wide losses, since the beginning of this year, sales profit margin of only 0.43%." Zhu Jimin said, "Now the industry average debt ratio is close to 70%, and a further deterioration if allowed to develop, will bring a great risk the countrys financial system. "
?" At present, the State Council,Expanded Metal the relevant ministries to resolve steel overcapacity very seriously, CISA central task of the next year is also around to resolve overcapacity unfold. "Zhu Jimin said. He said, "resolve" mainly in the following aspects: First, to rely on market forces and government regulation, issued a comprehensive means to achieve, to strictly control the production capacity of the project is already under construction to stop re-examination ofResolve the overcapacity of steel supporting policies to improve the Chinese search screen informati The project has been built to collate and consolidate; second is to deepen reform, give full play to the role of the market, establish and improve the competitive conditions of market allocation of resources, and improve environmental assessment and land use standards, give full play to the role of government and market players, optimized through mergers and acquisitions. ? Zhu Jimin believe that through our efforts, to make the production capacity is reasonable, kept in a moderate degree of excess, which is conducive to play role of the market, improve product quality, accelerate technological innovation. Meanwhile, to market demand and the local area, resources and support coordination, Gabion mesh coordinated regional development compatible, so the market order of fair competition are established, so that the development of quality has been significantly improved, so that cleaner production and pollution levels improved, to enable enterprises to benefit significantly better. In addition, to basically establish long-term mechanism to establish a fair competitive market environment, deepen fiscal and taxation system, speed up transformation of government functions, through supervision according to law, regulatory standards, allow enterprises to run in a healthy environment. ?" in resolving the excess capacity in the process, will certainly encounter many problems, the state policy will certainly give strong support. "Zhu Jimin said," For example, serious air pollution in Beijing, Tianjin region, central out 5 billion yuan of financial support, specifically in the area of ??energy saving incentive effectiveness of governance. "