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Excess production capacity how to digest Chinese search scre

? 2 ? one hundred million tons of excess capacity come
before this 4 months, the national pig iron, crude steel and steel production and steel stocks accumulated occupy a high position, 3 the highest end steel stocks 2192 tons. Morgan Stanley recently released research report, the current global excess steel production capacity has reached 3.34 tons, of which China is about 2 million tons. High backlog " Steel Mountain " behind a steel enterprises increasingly difficult situation. CISA 1 to 4 operation of the steel industry in March showed that steel prices are still effective monthly decline MoM, total sales increased by only medium-sized steel 0.76% , sales profit only 0.23% , in the bottom level of the industrial sector nearly forty percent of companies at a loss.
2 one hundred million tons of excess capacity step by step exactly how to form? Industry analysts, in addition to shrinking market demand, the capacity planning needs to keep up with changing market beat, even contrary to the needs of the important factors. Among these, the vicious competition among both iron and steel enterprises, " can not wait for the expansion of closed " and other factors, there are also problems from the overall planning. The project is subject to approval of the golden age of growth, and after lengthy formal approval to start construction, but the deep crisis of overproduction.
" surplus " what it means
waste of resources, environmental pollution, make money, when the public and businesses are aware of the consequences of excess,Temporary Fencing the excess may be able Forced change. Baosteel academic annual meeting, today the worlds leading steel company Nippon Steel introduced the former head of dark wood, Nippon Steel was the 25 within two blast furnaces shut down to 9 Block, capacity cuts 1/4 , in a smaller Under the production scale, with a high-end upgrade " capital " . Chinese Academy of Engineering, said Xu, chairman of Chinese Society for Metals, United States and Europe after the adjustment of steel overcapacity experience applies equally to the domestic industry: EU crude steel overcapacity adjustment spent nearly 20 , the U.S. steel industry has been proactive cuts, and now the U.S. steel production capacity almost no excess capacity, and has a strong competitive edge.
under the crisis of overproduction, the domestic steel industry can not really ton output capacity, find a way out? Recently, Vice President of China Iron and Steel Association, said Wang Qi, the future by raising barriers to entry and other environmental measures, and strive to 80% about capacity into standardized management, the elimination 20% capacity. Many large steel enterprises also raised capacity adjustment plan, said yesterday that the Wusong area Baosteel steel base has entered the preparation phase adjustment.
??? Morgan Stanley said in a report on China, the three main reasons that will disrupt the steel industry overcapacity removal through mergers and acquisitions : First of all, Expanded Metal make a lot of long-distance transport of steel feasibility of corporate mergers and acquisitions become less; secondly, the high employment rate also makes the steel industry after the merger and reorganization of local government want to turn excess capacity but binding the hands; there, 2011 years Chinese steel companies with low profit margins, making corporate cash shortage, few companies have funds for mergers and acquisitions.
while domestic demand for steel, has also led to Chinas steel production capacity in the world, the product mix has been stagnant. Reporters at the Volkswagen headquarters in an interview, the staff is proud to introduce the general public, in Germany to create the worlds recognized as the best large car, small to make the best knife, is behind because they have the most advanced steelmaking technology. In the Chinese market, such as the automotive sector, low quality or mainstream, quality requirements worse than a big slice of Europe, the downstream market does not improve the quality of demand, supply automotive sheet steel mills did not adjust the power of natural product structure. Insiders pointed out that, to completely change the structure of production and the plight of the domestic steel industry, the need to join forces on the downstream, the need for advanced manufacturing, emerging industries bring " source of power " . ???
而国内对钢铁的需求,也导致中国钢铁产能世界第一,产品结构却一直上不去.记者在德国大众汽车总部采访时,大众的工作人员自豪地介绍,德国制造大到造出世界公认最好的车,小到做出最好的刀,背后就是因为拥有最尖端的炼钢技术.而在中国市场,比如汽车领域,低质低价还是主流,品质要求比欧美差了一大截,下游市场没有提高品质Excess production capacity how to digest Chinese search screen information center的需求,供应汽车板的钢厂自然也没有调整产品结构的动力.业内人士指出,要彻底改变国内钢铁业的产能和结构困局,上下游需形成合力,需要先进制造、新兴产业带来"源头动力".