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11 mesh 12 mesh 14 mesh diamond mesh security screens - Diam

??Diamond is made of 304 stainless steel wire mesh, electrostatic spraying exterior protection taken, 304 stainless steel mesh with a high-rust, anti-sabotage capabilities, anti-invasive capacity of 2.148 tons strike, shear, anti-sabotage stronger, SS is "stainless steel "the abbreviation, 316L stainless steel grades, now there are three models of gauze 304,316,316 L, 304 nickel (Ni) 8 个, carbonaceous 0.08; 316 containing nickel (Ni) 10 个, including Carbon 0.08; 316L nickel (Ni) 12 个 carbonaceous 0.03; carbon substrate,Temporary Fencing the more corrosion, the higher the nickel content corrosion. ?
Quality: 304,316 stainless steel, carbon steel. ?
mesh perception: transparent no sense of vertigo, the room look like a layer of transparent colored glass to the outside, to the indoor outdoor look hazy, blurred. ?
role: super impact resistance, anti-theft, bullet-proof, anti-mosquito and so on. ?
Features: smooth surface, mesh standard, consistent with the latitude and longitude bent, its distinguishing feature is as hard as iron plate real, is the preferred anti-theft, bulletproof, Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh home office security protection. ?
product features and usage: the state of the net for the iron-like, hard, impact resistant super power, which is the most significant characteristics of our products. ?
good light transmission: high-definition look from the inside out, from the outside looking blurred, you can create a safe and comfortable private space, and can block the mosquitoes into the room, a cozy living room and office space , security, anti-theft, bulletproof product of choice. Generally referred to as a metal security door and window net.

theft - Bulletproof - Anti mosquito - beautiful - corrosion exposure
has good hardness, high strength advantage, whether it is fixed on the wall or on a form, there will be good enough to withstand the f11 mesh 12 mesh 14 mesh diamond mesh security screens - Diamond mesh Anping China search screenorce,Gabion mesh not afraid of outsiders invaded. Quality steel screens are all handled through the electrophoretic coating, afraid humid environment, the sun fierce sun or harsh environmental corrosion. And because it is intertwined structure also 0.8MM diameter thick, not only can prevent mosquitoes into the room but also enhance the tamper shear capacity. With the perfect combination of quality locks and accessories, but also highlights the superior performance of this anti-theft screens, quality features guaranteed.
organization units, security progression higher unit - Bulletproof
office buildings, villas, residential - theft
mosquitoes more mountainous, wild, suburban - Anti-mosquito
unified management, residents or business area - beautiful
wet or dry city - corrosion and exposure

mesh wire diameter main markets
50 14 mesh wire in South / Southwest
60 14 mesh wire in South / Southwest
70 12 mesh wire in South / Southwest
80 mesh wire 11 in South / Southwest
90 11 mesh wire in South / Southwest
90 10 mesh wire in South / Southwest
wide length
0.8 ~ 1.5 yards 1.0 - 3.0 m
variety of colors black, light gray, dark gray, silver, etc.

金刚网材质为304不锈钢丝、外表防护采取静电喷涂处理,304不锈钢网具有很高的防锈,防破坏能力,抗创击能力达2.148吨,抗剪,抗破坏能力更强,SS是"不锈钢"的英文缩写,316L是不锈钢牌号,现在市面上有304、316、316L三种型号的纱网,304含镍(Ni)8个,含碳0.08以下;316含镍(Ni)10个,含碳0.08以下; 316L含镍(Ni)12个,含碳0.03以下;含碳量底,越防腐,镍含量越高越防腐.







丝径 目数 主要市场
50丝 14目 华南/西南
60丝 14目 华南/西南
70丝 12目 华南/西南
80丝 11目 华南/西南
90丝 11目 华南/西南
90丝 10目 华南/西南
宽幅 长度