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[Success Stories] Fair to help me in the HC efficient procur


Huizhou City Lakefront Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Huizhou City, the company adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, the "customers first" principle to provide our clients with quality services. The Purchasing Managers Lai HC procurement of hardware products, small first time he did an interview, Mr. Lai to share procurement of road. ?
Current Case: Huizhou Lakefront Industrial Co., Ltd.
identity: Laijing Li Purchasing Manager (Buyer)
procurement of products: hardware products

Huizhou City Lakefront Industrial Co.
purchase through the old user again select HC purchase
"I was registered last June purchases through membership, just a year into this year, during which the HC procurement through with a lot of product procurement, product and I am very satisfied with the quality, so this company should Ill buy some hardware products not hesitate to choose the HC "Laijing Li said. ?
Fair efficiency quickly inspect election materials
Laijing Lis company mainly to trade, so for the most important requirement is the purchase price of the product,Temporary Fencing usually shop around before products are to come through the Baidu search, but not only time consuming, but also to examine this how the quality of the product, is not very convenient. The HC network to help him make the Fair, just to satisfy his needs, within an hour and a dozen vendors will be able to carry out the negotiations, not only saves time, but also a number of screening. ?
"Fair with suppliers on the consultations finished, I usually choose twenty-three more appropriate, so that they send samples over the procurement of hardware products have a send over, the quality is also good and I intend to other After screening over the company to send it, pick the most appropriate, and he established long-term cooperative relationship "Laijing Li Road. ?
this Laijing Li is the main procurement of electrical panels, Gabion mesh metal products. Focus is on price, style, and quality is of high quality. We wish him Lai can find the most suitable suppliers, business is booming! ?
"Tha[Success Stories] Fair to help me in the HC efficient procurement Hardware Chinese search screen infnk you very much HC has been for me to do service, called me to ask me specific details of the product you want to purchase, meticulous, very serious, very dedicated, and it is free! really appreciate HC Staff Network! thank! "
I am a buyer, I have to share. 010-61723351



身份:赖经理 采购经理(买家)