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Stainless steel wire mesh will be into 2011 Chinese architec

Stainless steel wire mesh will be into 2011 Chinese architectural hardware market hot spots
According to the China international building hardware exhibition organizing committee released relevant information, building decoration hardware products are mainly divided into furniture hardware, doors and Windows hardware and accessories, specific locks, floor spring, door closers, door, door suction, accused of window wiper, slide, hinge, hinges, gas spring, handle, bolt, etc.Fasteners categories include: bolt, nut, stud, screw, self-tapping screw, wood screw, rivet, throat hoop, washer, ring, pin, assembly and link copy, welding, fastener production equipment, surface treatment products.Wire, wire mesh, nails category mainly include: stainless steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, galvanized wire, welded wire mesh, fence netting, stone cage net, building safety net, conveyor mesh belt, steel nails, furniture nails, nail line card, roofing nail, etc.In addition, the China international building exhibition exhibits categories include pipeline linking pieces of hardware and malleable cast iron products, including bend, flange, elbow, tee, reducer, head, pipe, threaded pipe, coil, socket pipe, thick-walled pipe and all kinds of valves, etc.According to organizers, on September 28, 2010, 2010 in Shanghai new international expo center China international architectural hardware show was a great success.As the world's second DaWuJin exhibition, China international hardware show (CIHS) thematic exhibition, 2010 China international building hardware exhibition attracted 621 exhibitors, hebei anping, huanghua, taking mengcun, shanxi TaiGu, wenzhou, zhejiang, ningbo, yuyao, huangpu river, the local, leliu, zhongshan, shunde, guangdong jieyang architectural hardware industry base, such as domestic caitang group exhibition.With the help of powerful platform to China international hardware show, 2010 China international building hardware exhibition professional audience over 40000 people, overseas buyers of more than 2000 people, 40% from Europe and America region, the rest from the Middle East, India, Japan and South Korea and the asean and other regions.Dealers at home and abroad well-known building hardware purchaser, building materials, construction and real estate hardcover project purchaser, well-known doors and Windows, furniture, bags and other producers, as well as carrefour, wal-mart, b&q, home depot, kingfisher, LG Sourcing, leroy merlin, metro and other building materials business with the purchase of transnational retail groups.It is reported that 2011 China international building hardware exhibition will be held in September 21 to 23, 2011, location is still in the Shanghai new international expo center, with the same period of 2011 China international hardware show.2011 China international building hardware exhibition area will continue to expand, while maintaining the original architectural hardware, fasteners and wire mesh products advantages, will also focus on the development of surface treatment products, small processing equipment and various new kinds of fastener production equipment, makes the 2011 China international building hardware show the new bright spot.According to organizers, 2011 China international building hardware exhibition booth reservation work has started in September 2010, many old customers have made a reservation at the scene in 2011, the same booth.So far, the booth reservation is close to 50% of the total area.