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The widely application of the steel plate net, and product f

The widely application of the steel plate net, and product features
Steel net is the industry a variety of metal mesh screen.Also known as metal mesh, diamond wire mesh, iron wire mesh, metal expansion net, heavy steel plate net, pedal mesh, perforated plate aluminum plate mesh, stainless steel net, granary, antenna wire mesh, filter mesh, acoustics meshes, etc.Just as its name implies is to point to: sheet metal through a special mechanical (steel mesh punching and shearing machine) after processing, the mesh condition for forming a material object.materialLow carbon steel, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, nickel plate, aluminum magnesium alloy plate and other metal plate.Weaving and characteristics: stamping;Divided into small steel nets, steel plate mesh and stainless steel net;Tensile and become, beautiful and easy, strong and durable.Product use: mainly used in civil engineering batch of cement, machinery and equipment protection, handicraft manufacturing, high-end speaker net.Highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road greening fence and curtain wall, etc.Heavy steel plate mesh can be used in the fuel pedal mesh, heavy machinery and boilers, oil mines, locomotives and tonner steamship work platform, escalators, walkways.Can also be used for construction, roads, Bridges reinforced with.Now due to the further mention of high technology, steel plate net can not only on the metal plate processing, but also for paper making, is the superior material of the paper filter products.Nowadays, in the most suitable for rail fence netting material is steel.Species is introduced according to the material classification: low carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum magnesium alloy plate, steel plate and other plate. According to use classification: widely used in highway, railway, civil building, water conservancy construction, such as all kinds of machinery, electrical appliances, window protection and aquaculture and so on.Can be customized according to customer request processing all kinds of special specifications of products.According to the classification of pass1, scales Kong Gang aluminum sheet metal mesh;2, hexagonal Kong Gang aluminum sheet metal net;3, fancy steel aluminum sheet metal net;4, tortoise shell shape steel aluminum sheet metal mesh.Steel mesh fenceProducts applied to highway guardrail nets, sports venues fence., the road greening fence testbed by the department of agricultural protection and small ore screening etc, specific and strong and durable, beautiful and easy, easy to maintain, can see good, bright color, etc.We can provide a variety of sizes of conventional diamond hole plate mesh, easily able to meet the requirements of customer satisfaction.Generally the most common applications of the specifications of the fence with steel plate mesh is as follows: material quality: low carbon steel plate, thickness: 1.5 mm - 3 mm, long pitch: 25 mm - 100 mm, short pitch: 19 mm - 58 mm width: 0.5 m to 2 m web 0.5 m to 30 m long points of galvanized and plastic coated is applied to two kinds.Barbed wire fenceProducts applied to highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road green belts fence, agricultural department test site protection and small ore screening, etc., has a strong and durable, beautiful and easy, easy maintenance, good visibility, bright color, etc.We can provide a variety of sizes of conventional diamond mesh or other hole plate mesh, easily able to meet the requirements of customer satisfaction.Ship steel netShip steel plate mesh is mainly used in the large ship, shop on platform have prevent slippery effect of the ship.Mainly adopts the high quality of hot rolled steel plate, the use of heavy steel plate net machine punching and shearing tensile, the characteristics of the product has: durable, prevent slippery effect is good, price is low wait for a characteristic, can provide users with professional cutting, galvanized, oil, etc.Barbecue net with steel netSteel mesh can be used as a support and barbecue food, its mesh uniform, good thermal conductivity, non-toxic harmless can be used repeatedly.Widely, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States and other countries, such as use.Material: steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire, low carbon galvanized wire.Features: high temperature resistant deformation, rust, avirulent insipidity, easy to use.Usage: used for pasta, meat, vegetables, barbecue.The ceiling with steel netCeiling dedicated steel net is a kind of metal plate net, with all kinds of metal plate using professional mechanical shear, to expand the length of the original steel plate to several times or more.Also increased the strength and hardness of the steel plate, and reduce the weight of the itself, air can flow through the mesh, which does not produce waste, reduce the cost.Main material is divided into: iron plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, titanium plate, color steel plate, copper plate metal plate with tensile ability, etc.This product is mainly used in hotels, conference hall, hotel and other places of high-grade condole top, with features of elegant appearance, durable and good ventilation effect.With the continuous development of world industrial automation, the innovation and rapid development of national economy, China's steel net equipment industry development prospects are very broad, at the same time also to steel equipment put forward more, higher, farther, update request.Steel net and increasing role in life.