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A perennial anping wire mesh

A perennial anping wire mesh
In 1895 AD, the copper wire as raw material to produce to the anping screen.At this point, began to anping wire as raw material to produce silk screen of the era.After several generations of anping people unremitting pursuit and hard work, wire mesh in anping to take root, sprout, and growing.At present, anping has become the largest distribution center for wire mesh in China.Anping is known as "silk screen of the township" at home and abroad. Anping wire mesh has a long historyAnping wire mesh industry attribute in silk processing, has 500 years of history, origin as the yellow jean rural village in the county, as early as in the first year of the Ming hongzhi (AD 1488), the village has woven silk ROM.Guangxu 26 years "ShenZhou traditions", "silk is a condition of anping alone, so than not much also."The anping silk processing, has considerable scale, and in places such as tianjin, Inner Mongolia, northeast has dozens of ShangZhuang, and "wuzhou merchants friends", "foreign quite pleased with the" seven years of the republic of China (1918), to practice medicine in tianjin anpingxian sweet GuanCun seo mountain will be Japan's introduction of anping wire mesh production technology, and in the sweet GuanCun launched the first wire mesh factory anping county.Since then, anping has wire mesh production.After several village successively launched copper iron factory.17 years of the republic of China (1928), has opened a number of the people's livelihood, wing number within anpingxian, natural number, number of live copper factory, during the Japanese aggression against China, copper factory are damaged, severely affected production.After the founding of new China, the government support and guide the encouragement, gradually recover copper, iron, production and development, and in the '50 s, has built the anpingxian, YouZi, He Zhuang state-run wire drawing factory and from the city, the Angle of the high four ROM factory under collective ownership.During this period, anping wire mesh is start the important period of development.To come to China's reform and opening up, the enthusiasm of the county development wire mesh industry to an all-time high, anping wire mesh industry began to recover, silk screen production opened a new chapter.On June 24, 1984, the People's Daily published for the first time on the rich history and development status of anping wire mesh.In the same year on September 28, "anping wire mesh of the township" as news broadcast on CCTV for the first time, greatly improve the anping wire mesh in popularity throughout the country.In 1987, anping wire mesh was country science and technology commission as a key support industries, included in the national spark plan.In 1989, the first held in anping wire mesh products order.To further expand the influence screen anping.In September 1990, the mechanical and electrical products export office of the state council and the national foreign economic and trade department of anping as a mechanical and electrical products export base, have created favorable conditions for anping wire mesh industry to take off.Anpingxian in September of 1991, also it is the first joint ventures in hengshui area - Ann network co., LTD in anping built with faith.In hebei province in May 1996, the first in the state planning commission project market construction projects, investment of 200 million yuan to screen big world construction, and to begin operations in 1998, the year city ping coexistence of the five principles of turnover has amounted to 3.8 billion yuan, to become the nation's largest wire mesh products distribution center.On September 8, 1999, in the great hall of the people in Beijing China hardware products association awarded the honorary title of anping "Chinese silk screen of the township".On October 22, 2002, named anpingxian for "wire mesh industry base in China".In September 2004, named anpingxian for "wire mesh production base in China" that each event in the history of anping wire mesh copies, marked the anping wire mesh has entered a new stage of rapid development.Historical vicissitude, anping wire mesh industry won the victory of periodic, people see the world, but also in the process of the development of the industry a series of problems, is worth us thinking.Anping wire mesh industry development is not perfectThe development of every industry is not plain sailing, all need to experience ups and downs, problem solved, the road of the future will be very smooth, anping wire mesh industry, developing also has a few little "black spots".A vicious price competition.In recent years, anping wire mesh products from foreign anti-dumping frequently, the main reason lies in anping wire mesh quality has a problem.Due to the silk industry is profitable, many people in anping cobble machinery and technical workers, began to run production, thus, anping wire mesh enterprise more and more.On the one hand, the quantity of enterprises to promote the development of the industry, but on the other hand, many peers between enterprises undoubtedly In the fierce competition, some enterprises do not hesitate to lower product prices, to break through the market "price war", from the Angle of implicit has led to a decline in the quality of products.    Almost no brand.Brand is the enterprise of "image", is an important means of enterprises to promote the foreign products.Pushed through the network promotion, TV advertising, exhibition publicity way, build a renowned brand and help product sales, in the long run, more can promote active, healthy and rapid development throughout the enterprise.But anping wire mesh enterprise brand consciousness, can be seen.Outsourcing companies.Vicious competition between the industry, resulting in a decline in the quality of the product, to the external image of screen anping brought very bad effect, many dealers or customers would rather increase the transportation cost, procurement screen also want to go to other areas.Plus anping is located in the central region of China, the informationization degree and speed of economic development than coastal areas.As a result, many anping enterprises will be the company moved to guangdong foshan, bohai sea region, solve the "reputation" crisis.Abnormal lack of talent.Anping is located in the central region of China, economic development level, public environment, and coastal areas have a certain gap, there are few willing to inland development technology, management talent.To say the talent lack of serious crisis to enterprise's development.Due to the limited number of skilled technical workers, in the process of silk production technology workers injured hands often happened, to result in production activities.And the companies jointly reaction, it is a severe lack of enterprise management personnel.