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Stainless steel wire mesh widely USES in order to win marke

Stainless steel wire mesh widely USES in order to win market recognition
Stainless steel sieve plate can be accepted by the exquisite craft of the market and high-end services.As the market needs, sieve plate pattern and appearance more and more, more and more delicate.Has been recognized by the market.Such as we have some common coarse sieve plate, sheet, micropore board;Such as kitchen facilities fruit bowl with honeycomb plate, perforated plate stainless steel sieve plate, stainless steel filter;Fortune hardware manufactures filter, air ventilation filter plate, filter, group of orifice plate;Mine with ground screen, griddle, h sieve, sieve loaf.The application of screen mesh has been more and more widely.Stainless steel sieve plate hole shape: round hole, slotted hole, square hole, triangle hole, because pass any large, its application is very wide also.Stainless steel sieve plate manufactured goods, empty see penetration use areas are: to build an object with his ceiling, wall filter plate, hole hole plate,Building material, environmental protection furniture soft adornment balcony orifice plate, stainless steel sieve plate is our factory production of main system works, also is a kind of the most widely used on the market, as a veteran of the stainless steel sieve plate, decoration exhibition table decorated with shelves nets orifice plate, perforated plate, perforated plate;Environmental noise control block with sound-absorbing board, insulating board, decoration plate, acoustic board punching sieve plate;Machine facilities cover plate, punching net, round orifice plate;Richly speaker net, speaker net, steel nets, mesh application domain is more and more widely.