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High Tensile Field Fence

Woven Wire Field Fence

High Tensile Field Fence

Hinged Knot Field Fence

Fixed Knot Field Fencing

Graduate Mesh Galvanized Field Fence

Welded Wire Field Fence

Chain Link Field Fence

Field fence with toughness and long-lasting durability, is ideal for general fencing needs as horse fences, cattle fences, deer fences and other agricultural fencing materials. Widely used in rms and pastures.

Wuthering Field Fence Co. supplies quality woven wire field fence and high tensile field fences for deer and horse fencing. According to types of weaving, field fence can be divided into fixed knot fence, hinge knot fence, woven wire fence and chain link fence. Woven wire steel fences make extremely effective field fence for breeding of horse and owoven wire fencether animals. The advantage of the woven wire field fence is its high tensile strength and its effectiveness as a visual barrier for the animals and at the same time, its toughness and flexibility against animals fierce crashing.

The weaving process of metal wire makes the brics more flexible and universally used. Without perforating, expanding or stretching operations, woven wire field fence has less stress-induced weaknesses. Woven metal fences can be easily bricated into different shapes and designs. That is also one important reason that woven wire brics find popular uses in field fences.

The opening of woven wire fence serving as agricultural fencing and border fences can be square, rectangular or spacing. It is available in a wide choice of meshes, wire diameter and roll sizes.

As professional manucturer of high tensile woven wire field fencing in China, Wuthering offers graduated mesh fences with different knot processing. For more, send your enquiry. (send your inquiry).

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For tough and high tensile field fence from China, contact Wuthering Field Fence now!

FIELD FENCE makes ideal general fencing for rm and ranch uses. The tightly woven hinge joints bounce back from animal impact, while helping maintain strength and shape of the fence.