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Welded Wire Mesh Fenc

Scroll down to view and purchase products, or read this... As a welded wire fence manucturing company we provide a very wide selection of mesh sizes, gauges, heights, roll lengths, weights and colors. We retail and discount wholesale from our US based stock warehouse inventories and quick ship large and small orders by single roll, pallet(freight) and truckload quantities. Specializing in black and green vinyl PVC coated and hot dipped galvanized welded wire mesh fence products, chicken wire, poultry hex netting and hardware cloth. read more...

A desirable, durable, inexpensive extremely cost effective yard and property barrier alternative to other fencing types and systems. For a fraction of the cost you can achieve enclosure for a range of applications. The wire can be attached to existing wood and vinyl fencing (such as post and rail) and can be installed independently with U-channel knock in posts. Also widely used as a yard property barrier, garden protection, pool enclosures, deer fence, dog pens, animal cage wire, aviary bird sanctuaries, Zoo cages, wildlife refuges, marine traps for lobsters and crabs, pool enclosures, dog pens, and wild pest control.

Academy Fence Company, based in NJ, is a mily business, continuously owned and operated since 1965. Our vinyl PVC color coating specifications meet strict company standards starting with full strength steel core wire. Black wire is heated and then slowly cooled to increase strength and hardness. It then undergoes a suce treatment to remove any superficial impurities, before being galvanized. The galvanized wire is welded together to the proper size and then PVC coated. Select a category below to view product info, details, specs, pricing, pictures and get a complete delivered price.

Academy Fence offers gate frame kits which include welded pipe gate frame(s) and all necessary hardware to attach your wire to the gate frame.

Academy has 100s of mesh sizes, gauges and colors which are commonly used for specific industries like Zoo wire mesh, Marie applications (lobster & crab traps) and many other applications

A quick ship fen pen kit will enable you to build a welded wire fence enclosure with a all inclusive fence pen kit. Kits range from 50 feet to 300 feet, welded wire, knock in post, gates and all necessary hardware are included,Welded Wire Mesh Fenc.