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Ep 1279 Where we get Spherical bacterial

Ep 1279 Where we get Spherical bacterial,To play this video, you need Javascript enabled and the latest version of Flash installed. Install Flash now

Created: 05/31/2013 Steve Sphere Guttenberg appears on another psychedelic episode of The 404, discussing why The Nations new album sounds so terrible, a $2,500 Sony headphone from the 80s, and the dangers of remastered albums.

Whats up everybody its Friday may 31 when he thirteen. This is the 404 show on CNET. Im Jeff Bakalar Im Justin -- memorial -- welcome to the program everybody. Or the 75 time. Now and now. They give me an analysts Steve Guttenberg. 125. Whatever it is -- forget excited by -- back on the program. Cited -- welcome back mr. Guttenberg -- Yeah Guttenberg Guttenberg spear -- it and that law in Canada and I forgot your real name -- here. You dont have the best shirts where theres no way -- would just gonna talk about -- If if youre looking into the podcast. Stop and played video what it is always a wayward watching the show wayward U design definitely ready to burn out the red. Us from thinking when he hit each instrument that your wife -- -- -- -- -- -- gonna. Specifically for your yen which saw -- you -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Its amazing. Thanks very you know its hi guys -- -- dont I mean actually this -- before. And she was right what are that is. Exactly for you here so lets play catch up and -- -- and there. Would you rock and Irvine -- a crop that you like them. I like it went really well. -- -- like it both kind of BS the -- -- all right whatever. But like ketchup packet where youve been Ive been would have been up to do indeed have these so I want everyone to know that Steve is. One of the main reasons we we got mark -- on the show which is a big deal for us yet thank you thank of that work since Steve -- turned -- turned it turned me onto it awhile back. And and we were like all man you know its time we have to get him on in and Steve like god sent an email and sent it over and next thing you -- three weeks later -- on the show. It in this chair sitting in matches -- there -- never gonna wash your pants ever again -- never and he is Mike. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes thats mariner at the law as I want him to say Gothenburg where spear -- that in this -- I wanted to or are -- -- -- the other Steve got. -- -- -- The audio feel I was gonna happen and if -- to get the recently -- the real but the other Steve Guttenberg and -- Youre the clearly the original youre units -- -- radio -- Against the top of these copies you know you make the day he uses the drugs. -- so that even the big deal again -- much bigger deal -- -- anyway it. -- Uncertain it is not and you can even listen to -- they -- -- -- actually likes their program anything on any listened. And -- Tuesdays episode was pretty epic -- -- they had one of the most sort of feedback episodes of weve ever had. This does is episode or as -- Begun to refer to it as a series of bad decision. Yeah yeah. Thats the music -- -- -- -- -- listened to it here and he came out to me is like Watson with that show I just couldnt believe how many bad things happen to you that I mused as stacked on top of each idea as but by the -- its Monday at Columbia there isnt bad and waited beneath him and -- bad but it would mean thats it was difficult that the issue or just -- as -- -- -- ignores it it is that we. Right so -- if you really have to take the time this week enter in the immediate future to listen to what happened to this you know Monday. Does this series of terrible this is where horse in the -- one -- we where you got iPods are now we can add your bike was stolen her. Oh my god I accidentally -- -- year -- there was a bike accident here but this is -- -- This is -- spirit via the humans died when I was wearing answered it never wouldve happened -- would have functioned as a beat Abidjan. -- to into those content would. -- speaking of which I got a question for you -- We gonna get like a tetanus shot or something -- -- think you know Nevada and other housing money that -- Yeah -- -- our ability -- kidding aside though yeah I think it might be like a good -- -- -- inside the water for a little while and then but the -- soaked through with that -- water what do you want in here Im coming from Mario acclimate to go to like maybe get a check -- on again maybe you should edit -- Gigabeat and -- like if youre in the wilderness where its -- not clearly a lake for swimming or anything like that -- others like. Floating bacteria and terrible you think youre -- -- you just. Did you did you say what Chicago maybe encourage -- doctor and have them you know bank. Handicaps or something like that has -- independent project about to the wider variety of 8000 -- I want you to get into. I just -- get your oil changed man yeah well you know privileges -- All right so. I wanna talk about one thing for sure that and then well get into -- -- that. -- an email this morning. You guys -- get an email where its like one of those ridiculous. Those stupid -- chain emails and you can like sniff them out right away because its from your parents will now not necessarily and thats sort of where were going that they got an email from my friend Amy this morning. And the title is New Jersey State Police ticketing right. And it goes on about how New Jersey State Police ticketing are upping there their ticket -- a you know their their ticket quota and starting on July 28 theyre gonna launch a thirty days speeding ticket frenzy. This is clearly verbatim what he now says the state estimates that nine million dollars will be generated in speeding tickets one million dollars will go to pay state troopers overtime. -- goes like all these -- the roads theyre gonna be patrolling and stuff like that. Im reading this African Malarkey and I can tell already Im like this to ship and then theres no -- while what is this and then its saying -- I heard this on the radio he got to pass it around -- all your friends. With just a huge short keystrokes I was able to determine. Thanks to -- dot com that this is a (%expletive) you know email from -- 2005. That someone started just I dont know get people going a little bit. Group you pull it up here on the thing I put the link in the unloaded I dont know that okay basically go to snow and you find out -- this is a speeding ticket -- nonsense. Chain email. That was started in my 2005. And it just kept reappearing every sixteen months. And you know and I I I find this out and I email my friend who send you forwarded me the email and I copied everyone she. Pay you know whoever sent this to -- -- huge bag because is a ke email chain from 2005. And they were like oh my god how did you know that world. A lot of these emails kind of look the same -- they make these unbelievable like insider information declarative you know statements. And -- the back a little further. And Im not trying to like make a blanket statement I am not -- -- -- these people are whats wrong with the Internet these people put it was somebodys like mother right analysts. And then I look back further is that oh its yeah her mother her mom -- in both sets mom sent this -- Its old people dont like paying -- multiple still think that you could hide secrets. On the Internet -- you know and yeah there are no more secrets on the Internet ready and eager to get her I dont know something. Doesnt mean that everyone else doesnt -- -- if this was real news. It would be on the -- thats right exactly and thats the thing like. That the real news -- that did all that news comes from the Internet -- so come line. Just do a little background checks instead of scaring you know 25 friends on a Friday. It just like it pisses me off so much and its not her ult -- I get it let you read. But got my sister and -- awhile back sent an email around like thirty people thats. It was something cell absurd like also read the content alike as though its like Britain really poorly as well. Like you know someone who invented this was someone who did not achieve in life. And you read it and youre like. And like all my -- it says something like or be careful about entering your pin number because that you entered backwards itll spit out money or something absurd like that. And I just broke -- dont believe this should be you because thats absurd it doesnt make sense. You cant even really cannot believe everything thats on the Internet -- and I read. It sucks because I know a lot of like -- and I know a lot -- grandthers. And they just click forward we just -- over to pass along the misinformation in this is why the and it gets bad -- man. Because you geysers or are these all be a key is that these capabilities are enabled are not listening to right now this is not a and this is not like a PSA for old people the -- for our Democrat for our listeners to tell their parents. Dont click followers yeah to free PSA from the for a -- show dont click -- what are you just lock these people. It -- And theyre definitely yeah and you know -- but how does state being executed and send that scary paranoia -- show he says like the heart warming -- thats fine. I actually could and thats what I want from -- if you take a joke is good yeah I elegant and it goes like -- what love means to a fraud to 48 year old. And as just a bunch of quotes about like. What kids think about love and and -- like touching words -- the mount the Beatty. And basically them that the Ill read it has got to -- -- while -- like watching that world star hip hop online. But this is the stuff -- -- -- read online yet -- thats great you know it is still positive things that exist on the Internet anathema and. Exactly and the email is preced with the ct that yet this is all fictional joke is a story. Not one of these like. Warning dont derive the entire summer. Because youre gonna get a speeding ticket you know its its a little its a little nuts right Steve who is crazy they -- ll victim any crap like. Because youre better than that and you -- the good ones. You wanna get past the -- get a -- yeah I think is -- it does from a macro perspective is that when people get junk mail thats basically what it lets people get junk mail. It just hit delete it to delete but its still the body and -- And yet -- replied that mile depth -- -- spent liked what he meant no. So I set an example this like research that your values still angry about -- -- you know why do you get -- its just -- -- ID -- on every spam email Nigerians -- who gets a much bigger problem that I cant help but these -- the little -- that I can fix -- because I can tell these people and you know -- this word got out. But it basically. To the change the email change the chain of a -- fuels the chain of fools the chain of BS -- slowly seeps into intent. Through all the key you yeah yeah and it gets to me rights allies say you know why this is not that this has to stop its gonna -- -- right here right after 180 I flip it around and everywhere I send it. Care and they are enrolled and up America exactly and that -- that truth. But truth seeps through the -- free back into them and they can find out -- only guy he has I was hoping to spread its -- full room region. And now I know better yet and that Id meet you make a difference and then -- -- years later you get a heart attack and appreciate -- If you -- things. Good idea if this is healthy just relax and if you dont I just dont want you let the stuff its -- -- Angry that it already but just being that theyre like you know one day and get an email and its gonna hold out in the -- computer -- that vein of -- The writing usually seen how freaking calm violence its entire. I was like man -- Im friends with tons stupid people via and -- -- popped up since and send done. Its all stupid you know youve written well you said it not me here anyway lets get into some of your stories today Acer -- we have a lot to talk about with the chicken scratch Jones of years ago but since. And nobody does that. You know the ramblings of a man its not on this list -- -- and I -- Maybe a year pirate it -- a piece called do you remember when Sony was Apple. -- -- Sony was once I remember that Sony -- the first of everything was Sony -- it actually interminable. Yeah absolutely Steve. Go -- market Sony so you know Sony treat each country TVs were so dominant it was -- number two TV maker. -- -- -- -- Harriman they on the biggest record company to -- Columbia records thing in tape recorders they were number one hints on many things there was no number two so overwhelmingly. -- So in 1989 when they were still Apple they brought -- this headphone called the MDR. Our ten aka and they said were gonna make the best -- in the world. Of course everybody sends him the benefit from more -- that this -- -- so great now but the thing was it was really expensive. And done Bailey said were gonna make 2000. Got -- room and the action so I had never heard -- of these headphones until a couple of weeks. I finally got to -- and it was. And Im absolutely -- while out those that would green -- So they -- it would in ear cups on the way it is 200 years -- -- is that good is that the efficacy with -- like bullets into. And the and the drivers themselves are basically mean. From bacteria they think they feed this bacteria this stuff in the bacteria like spin out this other stuff and thats what they do its time now why. Bacteria. That drivers can explain why thats good -- credits are. -- Why why is that a good thing they could these geniuses its how to configure and any other way of something base in this light this strong Patel uses is humanities and this is -- We hear its -- jewelry like body and mind. But if youve figured out that like bacteria as that is a -- There is so it is Apples iTunes and a is that time and so anyway I did a blog recently about the -- -- a guy and condensate that one of the biggest numbers than ever happen and how Im actually kind of remain. If for you met a little -- headphones I guess all Ive by gears like that if you could buy something thats 2030 years old turtle found. So much better than the exact -- product which -- without money to -- so the question is. So Sony could then with the help of bacteria make the best headphone in the world in 1989. School. So and -- cost 2500 dollars then. Try to find one now for less than six or 7000 -- -- -- gonna -- now but the question is why cant they figure out how to do that again and again and make it cheap. Yeah well thats the problem. That isnt so it does -- -- -- -- on that this is no longer theyre not that company theyre not Apple -- theyre not saying were gonna make the best headphones. Were gonna make it funds itself. And are popular here or Houston but we dont care about a huge n -- asthma -- no I dont. Not because -- hey if it. This -- the business -- -- now and its a mentality the mentality of a company that prevents him from doing cool stuff its hard because they wanna sell as many units -- will make them in for the lowest common denominator. But this I dont know it is all 1000 fell immediately 2000 he does -- -- -- -- other if you -- okay. It was by r the most expensive -- -- I like that about Sony -- Sony had never -- of the sixes in the V 700 members became the standard DJ at of that Id still feel like DJ -- -- -- autonomous greater flexibility reliability at the pitting your -- but those came out in the early ninetys I think. Still really popular. -- -- Yes so did interest -- I have this friend works at Sony now -- -- owners manual. That is that is that -- PDF of the idea and its just amazing. We did this that we -- this is -- experiments -- -- is. Basic and they did if for no. Actual practical purpose thats gonna be amazing thing about just want to buy the -- the -- -- -- to advance the zone and then did -- Sony is so massively huge -- -- you know bit massively years are probably a tenth the size they will I mean -- fragmented like they have so many different divisions theyre spread pretty thin. Theyre actually thinking about getting rid of their entertainment division and just. I dont siphon and that often turning it into something now manage their current -- -- -- spam but maybe they wrote part of that ambition is to refocus on and the electronics side and make better quality maybe I dont know man national and I give them the benefit of its so weird that they own the TV market. The solar want to know decades the things change man look at Apple app known used to give a crap that Apple. You know and now look at them theyre about to have it happen -- again from that group. Philly where did you get these are -- from. I can get him but I would say that it had -- hit and hit buy me. A lot of people that we -- headphones that I -- done. Yes yes yeah this year holy Grail I mean are you constantly looking for once pathetic and headphones theres something that Im the only thing on -- -- Or -- -- one had blazes like the guys that youve always wanted to buy it for yourself I mean. And now I couldnt it couldnt afford him then and I have other headphones and -- -- -- the best I just never heard it and our -- thing. I would she after the other thing is I went to a turntable company New Jersey. Okay where injured his. Was the county you know you dont -- -- the name of the company is PPI industry aka. And I -- -- got to start this company started in 1971. And he was an air conditioning. Systems designer but he was an audio -- in there and cliff was about it but there. So anyway he 64 years -- And hes about to retire hes gonna put his 28 year old son. In tart to the complete room I smell a sitcom what happened because of wacky -- -- PPI turntable that actually they had. Couple days before I was -- that and then Discovery Channel show. -- -- Who knows how things work yet how that science is not Science Channel -- -- they were there like how to animate and more like how its made how its made the -- science down. So -- Anyway these its just so interesting that this guy you know has been basically does -- -- just sitting there tinkering designing measuring things -- law. Hes been doing this for thirty years these are beautiful machines here yes and they really are made. Right that theyre not like mean you all the parts from the turn tables come from New Jersey new York and cancel school. And done his son was actually at the junior high school teacher about -- bit X ignorance but teaching them. Hes you know hes really committed to cheaper turn tables. He you know like right now -- least expensive turntable is dollars its called the traveler and very. -- -- At -- I like that man present which area thats. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Death so hes gonna make he he is determined to make a much much much less expensive program. And yeah its exciting to see it in a pass from one generation to the next and really you know. Like the old Sony cant think of trying just. Every day like what can I do to make a better torrent library and the thing is so why are you out there would you do it -- I -- a -- blog wrote a story about being -- And the thing is light like these Sony and your attendance. History cables last for hammer miles -- -- fourteen boxes a lot of money but but. If you bought an -- one of his turn tables from 1980. And had a problem with that he would fix that that school. I -- -- thing and CNET somewhere that. Sony Sony Apple no longer provide -- Updates for the original iPhone -- -- as yeah well its a different look the I dont I know its different but at the same when people say. I cant afford fourteen dollars -- but if you if you really love music if you have a lot of racked -- -- records silly but if you have. Few hundred records. Lane -- -- suddenly you could conceivably -- for twenty or thirty years worth it. Its pretty its not that crazy and the thing though is that. I -- -- -- -- with Apple and like its absurd that dont support something that you bought six years ago whatever it is but. Its like the the the vinyl record player is this sort of its immune to becoming obsolete -- until -- -- -- Opera 9% as saying in terms of -- but people put their money into sheer -- urged it. Now -- it again and select would you would you say -- people spend their money on. But you cant endorsements both ways you can -- -- its its not okay if theyre spending it on an iPad or an iPod. But its okay if youre spending time -- -- and how you justify app thats of people do what they spend money on expensive and the ability to rationalize -- its all bad -- -- and new ways of rational brain at. Oca file -- it goes Psycho analyzing today yeah well manned. Now thats a sphere roles and the fifth I went on -- got news. So -- you have a lot of stuff they -- today I wanna be dont be blown away every blown away. Let me remind me -- blown away at this huge subwoofer and thats my clock for Sunday via. So thats what you -- -- and just imports to HSU aka. Research. -- ETF three mark for. Certainly it -- just -- the antics of the -- and off the neighbors -- -- picked up. And its funny if I was all people -- rattle and their America. And a hundred other trying to send out BS email chains in -- again -- -- me again after about my neighbor to the right of India. So Ive been next. Have them have been accidents were for 24 year school she was very all -- them. Yeah yeah shes gotta be in their -- -- 8637. Down aka -- shes. Happy happy -- sure its a little old Irish -- -- when I moved -- She was a -- please use the buyers. About ten years ago she got married to a little Irish -- He really that -- why because he always is complaining as playing music the last of us down -- he would tell us why. It thick sheets oh you know Julius -- account of course and he really -- -- ask is is because its thinks its too. So what its -- just knock on my door is like -- were all apparent that yeah shes -- -- -- -- cystic cabinet and -- it is playing it at -- in the morning and I never -- -- later -- that we eventually -- How did that go to file -- wait I can. Everything is within a well I think the success let me and the -- -- one -- five of them via. The ct I turn it and that one time I think mean I was -- made -- -- and all right cool presents I cant. Worry about if -- to act like its -- and thats thats a two out -- I know you Im not gonna get a yeah actually you can tell when a -- thats your. Is that your bureau yes when you get a better sense thats like your best senses your your ears right right as -- -- in shipment but its your biggest asset and youre here is very -- asked it to get asked the -- Ive spent about soundproofing on the rim that you test earlier mountainous its. Well I improve this doesnt have to -- -- -- I dont know this doesnt do anything its just thats reverberates address if it dissatisction is actually the like float the room and she stated walls I mean yeah theres no it perfectly -- of the duke insurers -- -- pretty quiet down. You know what. Im not low frequency thanks Noah pays its just gonna travel thats just -- and yeah you can reduce it that you can reduce it five DB -- its rightful. Negligible. All right cool -- so anyway this company BTF. I mean sue sue HS HSU. It is -- sue. This guy mr. and it actually doctors. -- -- like -- -- forever. And he used designed sewer systems in LA. Through here he was this a civil engineer okay so you have to understand how things move fluids move through pipes and and I -- so -- is there what are you file. And -- -- so I met him. And show. And he had a ru literally every -- at this point would design some overseas since the science and speakers but this when -- them. -- go into his room and hes got a wall of subwoofer. A -- different models and for speakers use these little speakers there were literally like. Maybe five inches hi Im -- Hes NET speak -- was using a speakers tuition to make sure you knew that there was no base -- -- -- -- -- speakers are okay. Thats -- it was part of as many as cheap. 200 dollar receiver. And a cheap TV -- Boca. And then he -- -- CDR that was voted with stuff like organs and begin to roms banging away inspire you and we do in 92 them. In -- it to animate -- he hit the button as and you can learn. Stuff in you be looked at the little tiny center and this will love -- And then if that at the demo and -- Was amazing. Which one of those subwoofer is with. -- -- -- -- And let -- Thats impossible under the cover and as little pain as is -- -- stick here we have this his head. Its a perfect thats cool -- -- -- -- none of that as a leg was apparent as a tiny speakers and it was coming from the support -- it right next -- allow. -- -- -- -- If you had a brain he had entered and stature. The -- it render the NK for. Thats thats big thing a couple of months ago I did as much a much smaller one with just a bit which is actually in the CNET room here up its mind -- -- this wrong. But if you have big speakers and you live in a big room and you like lots of bass and you play music laugh. Usually get a civil -- How are you I feel like are -- a big n like base figure -- -- -- guy there are a lot of -- -- -- -- -- a lot of people and it seems like everyone is there you know. And I feel like it but it is the most disruptive sort of sound. You know I feel like yes -- to neighbors detonator wired and and then mail it to me like whatever Im listening to -- a or watching a movie ever. Im always like men that bass sounds good but -- is is a scene where there shouldnt be as much ith. You know its like just scene and dialogue or something. -- -- like theres this rumble in the background what causes them you -- pay. Member what I tell -- -- hang out theyve influence -- and many many many years right. He told me that he put in very low frequency sounds in his movies I would just to be. Three BB audience. On and it Brighton -- -- and and saddle like. They worse subliminal and very low frequency on it is would reproduce them. He says he used low frequency sense -- that are so its a strategy -- its strategic sort of. Moving film it well depending on the filmmakers and in the settlements but I believe that too because I feel like god and sometimes you through movie theater maybe its got a really good census than there is -- -- -- rumble that happens in in scenes where their. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Interest in that that blind people can tell the size of room by a low frequency -- -- -- -- but when youre a really big space like -- church or something right it has a very low frequency sonar rumbled to -- as its. Low frequencies are very long way threatens when he hurts waves 55 feet long look at that doesnt happen in -- rooms that interest is so. By people consents. Like that that sounds bouncing around the room. And how long it takes planet we know that they pass weve -- them theyre blind holidays are happening as as programs. And they just that I -- -- on third and theres so anyway this is a great so. Arent that people buy these little tiny steps that can make and certain amount of -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- but. They dont sound good when you push them. And they can be -- for movies where its just low frequency -- and stuff but -- music it has pitches and impacting transients and stuff. Will subs can never -- as the Pacific. Include are the subject before this that are -- to be TF one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and its great. And its funny its again its a pay it down for a long and right now but a lot of markets though very repaired for -- I -- -- and thats good thats the only reason why am spending a lot of money. You know like I get the -- thing Im gonna spend books because I know that these guys are like a mom and pop outfit New Jersey and theyre gonna. Im gonna hit theyre gonna answer the phone when I call -- a human being answers the phone and theyre gonna say no problem well fix it up Brenda no all you do is patient thats just because your -- Of course right chicken scratch panacea they do so in new music seminars going to be in New York. Whats that its like that in there its like -- A music business convention but got for people who want to be in that. This is as engineer users artists producers and stuff and just think. And now I am gonna be a moderator. On a panel of about high resolution -- do you moderated a new. However -- really had it now how did you get hooked up with this gig this seems quite prestigious in your field yes I -- -- interest is how did you land that. Whos that guy whos picking the panels via Tony. Although bizarrely wrong theyre going -- Im gonna tell me where records member that layout -- and every time right of the unemployed mr. Tommy Boy is like a big -- this thing a -- look at. It -- picture view on the new music Seminole web -- they had no rule Achilles dobbs president. And the ugly never seen a young that photo is we have -- -- -- I bet this has taken and we out of that you you forty there now known to -- -- -- greatness of -- And eleven years ala last night to Hewlett technically. Amazing and I look great there hes good thank absolutely -- -- time. -- -- bodies everywhere -- of the view eggs taken from. The producer Tommy boy meets my heart now. Like spiced up -- so that the president of Atlantic records account when aka. Its not as on this -- -- this this is no joke this is slightly heavy hitters movers and shake it. Excellent and the guy that I sometimes worked for David -- -- that -- proponent of the virus -- on earth and then. Were gonna talk about. Why anyone would give a crap about the hearing music sound better than this awful national record -- -- -- -- -- -- Burning my ears is limited to Steve talks in today hes got a copy of the in the nationals now in the new -- record but to call. Its called. Pocket -- people in trouble but if its so bad com. And youre seeing it sounds like crap it since. It sends very compressed now this you have that picture of the wave forms instead I -- to in the -- of that trou