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Ameristar Fence Products

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&the ideal choice in steel for your residential or commercial project when zero maintenance and decades of durability are the most important goals.

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Echelon Plus is the highest quality aluminum fence available anywhere. This fence is perfect for residential or commercial projects that will be installed in environments, such as coastal areas, with heavy salt-spray.

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Stalwart II is our undercover agent, a decorative fence that is also an anti-ram security fence. Choose this fence when a more traditional, friendly look is needed for a high security project.

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Continuing its strategy of delivering exceptional perimeter security products, Ameristar Fence Products recently acquired Parking Booth Company Inc. of Sun Valley, CA.

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Weve acquired the assets of ATG Access, world renowned manucturer of bollards, crash wedges and other quality actsteel fenceive barrier security systems.

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In addition to our residential entrance driveway gates, our cantilever sliding gates and sliding roll gates are the perfect choice for all of our industrial, commercial, and high securiy fence types. Combine our swing or slide gates with one of our automatic gate opener and access control systems for a complete automatic gate solution. The addition of automatic gate openers and access controls will help contractors by combining reliable access controls with superior gates for a total entry solution. Ameristars gate system solutions give contractors a competitive pricing advantage and logistical balance by purchasing from a single source. Ameristars knowledgeable staff will be able to assist architects and engineers who are seeking assistance in gate entry layout and design, as well as direct specifiers to the appropriate products that best fit the required application.

In the past the fence industry defined commercial fencing as a chain link fence with 3 strands of barb wire. Today Ameristar has redefined the commercial fence industry with products that match the level of security demanded and also balance the distinctive look of wrought iron into a perimeter security fence system. Ameristars decorative steel, ornamental aluminum and welded steel fences are several of the offerings available for commercial fence applications. ornamental iron fences have redefined the commercial fence industry with strength that matches the level of security demanded, and fence designs that balance the distinctive look of wrought iron into a perimeter security fence system.

After the tragic event of 9/11 Ameristar paused to reflect on how it could better protect the United States of America. Since that event Ameristar has developed multiple high security fence products that help secure and protect at risk cilities. Ameristars anti-ram barriers, high security fences and anti-scale fence systems have been installed on thousands of perimeters across this great nation. Ameristar fence products are manuctured in the USA and meet all requirements for Buy American and the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (AARA).

Ameristar Fence Products manuctures multiple ornamental and decorative metal fences & gates for pool fencing, backyard fencing and dog fencing. Ameristars welded ornamental steel fences are the most popular and widely installed by contractors in the nation. Click here to find an authorized Ameristar contractor near you. Our innovative fence designs and maintenance free coatings satisfy consumers need for high quality, affordable iron fence. Balancing Ameristars ornamental steel fences are two varieties of residential aluminum fencing, the strongest and most durable aluminum fence on the market.

Ameristars industrial fencing has helped sculpt the architectural arena by offering products of superior strength and durability. These industrial ornamental fences have challenged the status quo by setting standards in the fence industry for more durable coatings that yield a longer product life. Ameristars progressive profile designs have contributed to raising the bar for strength of product, and are still recognized as the strongest fence systems in the industry.

, based in Tulsa, Okla., is the largest ornamental fence manucturer in the world. From its beginnings over a quarter-century ago Ameristar

is to enhance the aesthetic appearance of modern fence products, promote ease of installation, while increasing strength & durability.

Our Impasse and Stalwart lines are the only fence and barrier products in the world to be certified under the SAFETY Act by the US Department of Homeland Security... Read more

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