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its official: i start to work out tomorrow. ill be joining a crossfit gym, and ill be getting svelte. in the mean time, im thinking of the items i will buy myself after i complete a month of steady exercise. is that reasonable? bueller? these are my must haves:

1: Scotch Naturals polish in Canal Street Daisy; $15

2: Logan Clutch by Zambos and Siega; $204

3: Skull Bangle by Alexander McQueen; $295

4: Trina Turk Coral Striped Resin Ball ring, Max and Chloe; $70

so my class boyfriend (who doesnt know hes my boyfriend) who, as per the last post, i messaged after finding him on a dating website, MESSAGED ME BACK.

he answered my message, AND introduced himself. i wrote him back, saying it was nice to meet him, and i included a question at the end, but he hasnt written me back yet (EVEN THOUGH THE SITE SAID HE WAS ON ALL DAY). is my crazy showing yet?

i mightve found the online dating profile of the gorgeous guy i stare at in class and i mightve messaged him.

naturally, his profile made me ll in love with him, as it is infinitely more put together than i thought he would ever be (i also thought i was older than him, nope!). it is grammatically correct, witty, and it spoke straight to my heart. it also says he selectively answers the messages he receives. but he has to answer mine because were bound to run into each other at school, right? right?! this has to be one of the stupidest things ive ever done.

i have lost touch, and im going to go ahead and completely blame it on my workload at school. but im back!

even after having written pretty consistently in the past, though, i still dont necessarily know in which direction i should take the blog. im leaning towards getting more personal, but well see. youd obviously be on the ride with me. put your seat belt on.

01: Gold Leaf Wood Round Bowl by Diana von Furstenberg,

02: Golden Pear Salt and Pepper Set by Michael Aram, $99

03: Night 5 Piece Place Setting in gold by Diana von Furstenberg, $105

04: Gold Leaf Wood Napkin Rings by Diane von Furstenberg, $55

ive always liked how timeless gold can be, and paired with finished wood it is so elegant. no doubt the cost of outfitting a home with these items would be absurd, but it would be the classiest on the block.

we need to stop SOPA and PIPA. all the blogs i read (and all the other sites we visit daily), including my wire\cages, would be shut down if these two pieces of legislature were to pass.

if you use blogger like i do, and would like to install the nifty banner that you see on the upper right hand corner, go here.

write and call your congressmen. sign the petitions. stop american ship!

so now that the year is a couple of days from ending, i figured itd be a great time to recap the last couple of months of my life in gifs.

school ended on the 17th after a grueling week of back-to-back finals. and really, besides renting every movie redbox has had to offer, all ive been doing is lounging:

and sleeping. i had lost so much sleep while i studied for the finals, that ive been doing my duty in catching up for the last couple of weeks:

when my grades finally came out, though, after a really nerve-wracking week, i had reason to celebrate:

and with the start of the holiday season, i finally was able to watch my all-time vorite christmas movie:

some time before christmas, my bff from california visited miami for the holidays. we naturally had a blast with him tricking me into eating a wasabi nut that he had convinced me was a pistachio:

the doctor guy i had written so many posts about previously, who i thought i was going to end up with uh, hello?! we were amazing together, and made eachother laugh, and hung out every day, and it was amazing, who made excuses as to why we couldnt formally date, who had gotten himself a girlfriend, one day called me up:

and complained about my not being his friend because i didnt text or call anymore ew, why would i?!, and asked to get some dinner together:

but he mentioned his girlfriend a couple of times, and it finally hit me that he was never going to be the person i thought he was, he was never going to love me like i wanted, and he was never going to deserve a woman like me:

one who i can trust, who will compliment -- not complete -- me, who will make me their priority, and one who isnt solely looking for , but that doesnt mind when i shake my tits at him:

but upwards and onwards! i have a trip scheduled in january that will hopefully change my life and make my dreams come true. it will be in a city that will most likely have snow:

i really hope that 2012 will continue to be as amazing, and be the most happy and gratifying year for me to date. so with that, i hope you a very happy new year and hope you ring it in with beautiful:

just like i will! thank you for reading this year, and following along with me as i continue to build wire\cages. i wish you all the best! see you on the other side!

precious little lady questions the need for gender segregation in toy stores

in other news, hamleys in london stops segregating its toys after being criticized for gender stereotyping!

i hope all of you have had, or are having, wonderful holidays! i, myself, spent a great evening last night with mily, a roasted pig, some amazing wine, and tons of laughter.

Now how do we expect our sons to be men of integrity, and of conscience, and be social justice advocates, and to treat women with respect, and to speak up when they see women being treated with disrespect, if they dont see their thers doing it? If they dont see men in the public culture doing it? Its not ir to put the burdens on the shoulders of boys, or even young men. Even though theyre part of the solution, theres no question, this is about adult men.Miss Representation

01. Le Pavillion IPhone 4 case, Kate Spade, $40

02. Walking Day Trip Backpack, ModCloth, $65

03. Foxtrot Ring, Madewell, $15

04. Fair Isle Mittens, Forever 21, $6

the phone case is on its way, and i hope i find the mittens soon for my upcoming trip to chicago! what are you asking for this holiday season?

it has been such a long time since i have made a post about art! luckily, my great city of miami is hosting art basel for the 10th year this weekend. being at home (instead of in tallahassee for school), i finally got to go to one of the galleries. i chose art miami, seeing as how i figured they would have the most art in oneTHE WIRECAGES, place. and for $15, it was amazing! here are a few of my vorite pieces. i unfortunately never got to take down the artists names, so feel free to comment if you recognize something and ill link them. enjoy!

this thanksgiving holiday started off with a bang. after my last class on wednesday, i went to carrabbas italian grill with two girlfriends (unfortunately without two other sassy women) and had a wonderful dinner and shared an amazing bottle of moscato.

we then trekked over to bougainvilleas tavern that was hosting a pre-thanksgiving block party, where we ran the dunk tank to raise money for susan g. komen for the cure.

after talking to some vapid boys who, admittedly, werent paying much attention to me, i went home to bake. weeks prior, i had promised my cousin i would make the chocolate rum cake for thanksgiving, that i had baked for his birthday in april. it came out so delicious!

the next day, thanksgiving, i slept in late, made sure the house was ready for our guests, put my ce on, and got working on the mashed potatoes. we usually make of the boxed variety, but i figured homemade garlic mashed potatoes would be a nice change from the cardboard-tasting tradition.

and finally, around 9 in the evening, it was time to stuff! there were many new dishes to the table, which were delicious. and then i shared many laughs with my cousins after they arrived a bit later.

so as is the tradition of giving thanks, here are some things i was definitely thankful for this year:

1. my dad! and all the times we shared.

4. YOU, the reader! i am so thankful for all of you. i dont receive a lot of comments, but i do see that you keep on coming to read. so for that, thank you!

the day after, i met up with a boy for a first date. i was pretty nervous, as i do think he is particularly good looking and very sweet, but it ended up being a really nice date. we walked and talked on the beach, and he took me to dinner. we laughed the entire night, and there was, refreshingly (which is absurd to begin with), no expectation at the end. we have scheduled a second date for next weekend, where we will go play pool and then go dancing. WE WILL GO DANCING AHHH

i hope your thanksgiving was great!

p.s. any pointers on how not to look like a fool on the dance floor?!

i have very little these days other than my school work and the various television shows i watch. oh, and lusting over items that are too expensive. so i give you images of the greatest show, parks and recreation:

the wire\cages blog covers feminism, shion, art, design, and life in general. founder of wire\cages, jackie, is a graduate of florida state university currently in limbo trying to figure out her life. she has separate degrees in biology and theatre, but enjoys crafting, blogging, and indulging in the beauty of design.

everything presented at this blog is intellectual property of wire\cages unless otherwise specified. if you see an image of yours and would like it removed, dont hesitate to send me an email!

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