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Iron Fence Panels

With all the different styles of fencing used on residential properties, none stand out like wrought iron fences. Metal fences have long been used for their durability, elegance and strength. The one ctor that makes homeowners stray away from installing one is priIron Fence Panels,ce. Throughout history, iron fence manucturers have produced these specifically for one job and the amount of labor involved in the production of the fence priced them well beyond the reach of the ordinary homeowner.

Todays iron fence panels allow a homeowner to have an elegant fence at a price that is much more affordable. When searching for one, there are a few things that need to be considered. The first thing to consider is the price of fences themselves and and additional installation costs. The second consideration is the type and finish of the fence.

Metal fence panels are constructed in many ways, but there are two that are common in residential construction. They are constructed of either stamped or cast components, the main benefit to a fence that utilizes stamped components is initial price, but the durability and strength are lessened by the lighter metals used in the stamping process. Panels that use cast components are r more durable and strong than its stamped counterpart, but cost more not only per panel, but also in installation costs, as a cast iron fence panel is heavier.

Both types of fence panels are available in different finishes that allow for a long lasting, low maintenance final fence. The most common coatings are hot dipped galvanized, powder coated and a polymer coating (rubber). All the coatings are relatively the same in price and durability, the only difference is what appeals most to the homeowner. All the coatings types, with the exception of galvanizing, are available in a wide range of colors. Hot dipped galvanized iron, has a grayish-silver finish.

The final installed iron fence is sure to please a homeowner with durability and low maintenance, while adding an elegant touch to a property.

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