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Learn more about steel construction

ACERO prebricated structures allow an infinite number of configurations. Our engineering team is responsible to simplify on site assembly, reducing construction labour costs, without compromising aesthetics or quality.

If you are considering implementing a steel construction project, and would like to hire a multi-disciplinary company that will manage all the stages of the project, please continue reading. Metal Sartigan is a socially responsible, full service company that specializes in prebricated steel structures. In additisteel constructionon to our ACERO building systems, we also provide steel siding, wall girts, foundations, frameworks, and crane services.

For our institutional steel building projects, we ensure that we use the most environmentally friendly methods and materials on the market. They meet the highest industry standards and our materials are designed to respect the social economy. As for industrial steel buildings, they are designed to accommodate a companys growth and evolution. Our versatile and flexible ACERO systems-which can be expanded, disassembled, and reconfigured in a nearly infinite array of combinations, allow your building to obtain the additions and adjustments that it needs as your company evolves. In addition, for our commercial steel construction building projects, we ensure to provide a comprehensive approach that amalgamates ergonomics, aesthetics, and functionality. Customs satisction and needs are placed at the forefront to provide an environment that promotes purchase behavior. Metal Sartigan also ensures that the contractors and subcontractors that we dispatch work within local communities to maximize convenience.

Since our inception, Metal Sartigan has worked with some of the largest institutions and companies in North America, including Hydro Quebec, Ganotec, the National Defense, and Trudeau Airport. We have also provided our cutting edge products and services to clients in Quebec, Ontario, the Atlantic Provinces, and New England. We are also fully insured, bonded, and licensed, and provide a certified warranty on all parts and labor for peace of mind.

For a free quote and consultation about our steel construction material and services, please send us an e-mail or contact us at 1- (toll free), or . You can also visit us directly at 1000, 40e rue, Ville de Saint-Georges, Quebec, G5Y 6V2.,Learn more about steel construction.