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Chicken wire fence

Chicken wire fence also named is an inexpensive fence material that was traditionally used to keep chickens in their coops. Made with cheap wire in a hexagon pattern, this low-grade fence will keep chickens in, but, it rusts easily and it wont keep raccoons or other larger animals out.

Thats where the name chicken wire gets attached to other types of wire fencing. Farmers in search of a stronger fencing material expanded to use all types of wire fencing, from galvanized hardware cloth withchicken wire small ½-inch openings to rabbit wire with three or four-inch openings and everything in between. Thats why many people call all types of wire mesh fencing chicken wire.

No matter what you call it, its a budget-friendly option to keeping small animals -- including the mily pet -- in your yard without closing up the view. Therefore, homeowners also use this material in gardens and backyards. The trick is to make it look good. Wire posts, heavy-duty staples and a roll of wire may be cheap, but it sure can be unsightly. Here are some creative ways to make a chicken wire fence actually look good.

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