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steel sheet metal prices

YX18-76.2-836 / YX14-63.5-825 / YX35-125-750 / YX15-225-900 / YX10-125-875 / YX12-110-880 /

YX25-210-840 / YX35-247.5-990 / YX25-205-820(1025)

Galvalume finish corrugated metal is one of the most corrosion resistant corrugated materials offered in the architectural roofing and siding panel market. Unlike normal galvanizing, this metal material is an actual combination of aluminum and zinc to provide excellent protection. Galvalume-finished corrugated metal will give you a great product that lasts longer than the traditional galvanized finish. The corrosion resistance of this corrugated metal will make this the ideal product for almost any application, by marrying the lightweight aspect and advantage of aluminum, with less chance of the material corroding at the normal stress points, and areas where rusting can start.,steel sheet metal prices.