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Woven Wire Fences

We can supply stainless steel woven wire fences, galvanized steel woven wire fences, aluminum woven wire fences and fences made of other metal woven wire brics.

Woven wire fences can be supplied with square and rectangular openings.

It can be supplied in the form of: Cut pieces, panels or rolls.

Woven wire fence can be used for residence fences or industrial fences in the form of woven wire partitions, barriers or enclosures.

Finishes: Electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized or plastic coating.


Woven wire offers high tensile strength compared with welded wire fences. You need not worry about the breaking of welding spots when welded wire applied.


This kind of wire fence is popular as wire mesh partitions, wire mesh barriers, shelves as fences for offices, animals, machine protections and other fields.

woven wire fence

For sizing and pricing of our Woven Wire Fences, please contact us.

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