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Add Halloween fun to your Android for free

Halloween is just around the corner and adding a little festive flavor to your Android can be fun.

A spooky wall, some ghostly ringtones or background noises, and even some scary games are easy to get and use on Android. Heres how to add all these things to your device for free this weekend:

First youll want to set the scene. What better to use for this than a live wall that has a Halloween theme?

Halloween Live Wall is a great one to start with. This LWP has a small wrought-iron fence with skulls on it, and some pumpkins and bats that ll in and out of the sky. Not too scary, but definitely festive.

Halloween Witch Live Wall has a solid-black witch figure that travels across the screen from time to time. The scene behind her is a spooky neighborhood with yellow lights that turn on in the windows as the background gets darker.

Horror Night LWP is not as scary as it sounds, but is definitely a good fit for those who dont want too many things moving on their screen. A graveyard and a tree that has shed its foliage serve as background images to some flying bats and a full moon.

Now that the backdrop is in place, add some scary noises as ringtones, alerts, or even just to play for fun.

Scary Ringtones has an entire list of sounds that youd associate with Halloween-style movies. Youll even notice that some of them are labeled after the movies they were inspired by.

Halloween Ringtones has a large assortment of sounds to choose from, as well. However, sounds are not labeled with text, just picture buttons. Once you learn what the buttons do, it gets easier to use.

Scary Halloween Ringtones lets you play each sound and then decide what to use it for. If you want a spooky ghost in your SMS or a laughing spirit for your calls, this is the app for you.

Now that youve got the aesthetics and auditory areas covered, add some fun games to play and pass the time!

Bubble Blast, an extremely addictive game, has a Halloween edition for you to enjoy this weekend (or beyond). Get all the bubbles on the screen to explode by tapping them in the correct order. But be careful, you only have a certain number of taps to use.

Connectem lets you connect blobs on the screen through a series of pipes. You can only use certain pipes in certain areas, and theres a limit to the number of pipes you can use. On top of that, its timed, so hurry!

Prize Claw Halloween acts just like those stuffed animal machines with the grabby claw. Now you can use your Android to swoop down and pick up prizes. Sounds , but its pretty addictive and it sports the Halloween theme for this weekend.

So whether you want to show off all the things your phone can do this weekend, or just want to find a way to pass the time while your kids are trick-or-treating, this collection of free apps is sure to put a smile on your ce.

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