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Ep 79 The beginning of the end for locked bootloaders

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Created: 01/04/2012 We say goodbye to HTCs locked bootloaders and hello to Mr. Android and his cadre of Japanese schoolgirls on this weeks episode.

Goodbye blue letters hello tethering and we meet -- Android and all that and a CES preview in this weeks episode of. -- January -- -- Florida. In January 4 actually is -- while 2012. Im just as alongside Antuan Goodwin who does not new a that was an experimental open were back we hope youll like it and so that -- opening graphic there was by a from. Quarks and thats -- you very much done these really cool -- like the swipe to open the phone up. Experts very clever he didnt have the rate time on the home screen time BLU at least -- one half of the -- So good job Austin. We dont use the -- clack thats how much we appreciated real crimes no -- earth simulator style machines in -- well thats my resolution that is. Well see about that on Monday in the resolution. -- RO got a lot for you this week mum and a special show for you next week which will -- -- later in the show. Com source concerted. First we have a story which is down. The subtext on -- -- -- it has marched -- story itself so. Verizon is reportedly going to -- this -- rumors at this point but it -- continued to generate three. -- Its never had much -- very well lets be honest -- -- new -- actually leaking misery for for weeks now record those and that not the president. And then apparently -- containing all of their four GL TE hotspots. Which is also a little -- -- So. What I read into this is that theres a little show called C has gone next week -- little gentle semi part of it. -- -- big deal here at CNET that kind of a big deal yet I dont I dont. Think people appreciates -- a similar -- Appreciate her feet under the fear it is the -- Exactly. But that Verizon. You know I think resident has the press conference on probably among down yesterday and I would expect that well see some new interest -- things from resident. -- hotspots world and maybe even the Droid -- there. Yeah maybe its its quite possible youve already started seeing like. You know materials going out to Verizon at retailers. You know about the Droid or -- -- of course the the leaked screen shots of there -- -- -- merchandising software. Over 204 in it that we know its coming just a matter -- in and theres no better time -- yes to and a toss that in there -- whatever else theyre doing. Yet so -- and shame. Next up the excuse me -- -- says. Has announcing a -- transformer her name as -- sandwich upgrade date right. Averages. Which is according to Eric Franklin. January -- -- results yet. Com. Which is you know its good to see there are embracing it for the tablet that is kind of. Much coveted now I Ep 79 The beginning of the end for locked bootloaders,dont know -- a script that and a pretty pretty cool I have a pretty cool. Probably. -- of the that the most powerful probably one of the best injury tablets on the market today definitely. What where theyve also kind of addressed in this announcement that theyre gonna be a -- I CS is that theyre also. Against there was a little bit of an outcry that the boot loader for this device -- Was. Its locked at launch and Asus is basically saying irate people. You know chill out will will probably will get around to unlock and -- -- at some point. Or. We feel that theyre GPS fixes here -- -- their -- -- asphyxiated by taking the -- off the spec sheet. -- at that the fix yet would have -- you -- -- RE SER and and it. I dont know its -- I think the problem is that the again I GPS is that is that. And RF signal it basically themed albums is currently are if RF signals beamed up -- space. Satellite signal and need the metallic body of that the trees -- prime is basically blocking -- -- GPS reception thats. Kind of -- a if theyre theyre been a couple of Garmin GPS devices for example and metallic -- and youll -- -- -- a plastic chunk. You also saw a similar thing with. With you know the first couple generations of iPod touches where they have the middle back in the at the little plastic child -- -- where your antenna would normally be. The iPhone four solves this problem by basically. -- in the body the antenna and I and a lot of Android phones youll. Noticed that the you know even though if -- their bodies are primarily need -- plastic for the most part was not really an issue with phones. But yet -- the primes -- of -- bodies I think GPS issues Im wondering why they never caught this during the development process. The act I dont know that you know you may remember a little things was called iPhone -- something you know the antenna game in town. -- just repeat rate than it did you know daylight. Hampshire bass is probably -- this whose. Has this release that the entire testing process and a nice -- Well Im saying Apples you know chord in Steve Jobs then at a hundred million dollar test cility but they still didnt get it to Leo and that test cility for -- -- Adam so I feel like maybe -- is sort of well if youre indoors tested and maybe its not one of the things you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bobby -- about the test today. It couldve been just that -- of the GPS chip has a lovely manucturers produce every manucturer uses GPS chip sets from either Qualcomm or surf. And those are the two chipmakers and theyre trying to -- you dont have to do really -- these devices out. So its you know maybe when they were. And I really hate to think that you know Asus is braid -- these things but maybe would during the had been testing process. In a prototype -- had a BB a plastic prototype body it worked fine for -- switched over to the unibody. -- thats when the issues hes never bothered to go back into the theyre the number reasons why this is I dont really know thats if theres what I would consider expelled. -- it can barely say examiner enabling and I guess the Wi-Fi eight. Location based -- serve on -- the easy PS if you if you give it that are where its zoning. How about but it doesnt really solve the -- the -- of sorts yet Im all right so Asus transformer plan as -- date of January 12 there. A duress seem GPS issues and -- letter to come later this police -- -- there maybe. Maybe manhunt but so speaking of boot -- stuff we -- often criticize people for their stance on different things -- world. And now I think -- -- take time out to a applaud. Each TC who. Said earlier this year that they would enables the unlocking. Of open letters are they would unlock them that the -- was a little odd here. Theyre giving you access to there they have an unlocking a bugler unlocking tool. The theyve had for a while its been out for a couple of months but they just kind of quietly. Enabled and locking on pretty much every device that they make on I think Verizon and maybe as a sprint. I think is the other carrier but the idea is that you didnt really make a huge deal out of it it is. And it turned -- -- functionality in the tool may be possible blog post and moved on -- that but I mean. Well I applaud this. That theyre following through -- this yet and -- -- it Nam you know youll have to see you and -- carriers do you know specifically. Fit this Josh Goldman calls you know. Whats gonna happen with Motorola here especially now that there you know who -- over Motorola or person to be any -- you. Because they certainly it did -- kind of back and forth on their monitors little -- Yeah they have -- palm. And yet if it I dont know I dont know if its really gonna affect you know the -- the companys very much. And a TC it seems like this kind of a reactionary thing from -- TC at. Just kind of the more I think about it. Where they ever really done tremendously well. Over the last the last half of 2011 -- -- and good devices but they didnt do that Greek -- means -- That a lot of their devices were overshadowed by this Samsung galaxy devices. Service there are no Motorola yeah well. Of course not but what Im saying is that this is probably an attempt. -- two to reclaim the goodwill of that the hacking community direct mode and you may use them -- the phone of choice for identity. Analysts wondered who move NLDs index is what Im saying is it if this could also be moved it back into Googles good -- -- meaty you know -- recapture the you know that the contract to build the next nexus phone unit there will be another next that this phone next year some points from -- doubt it model plan. I dont know about that -- -- I dont know about. Pakistan environment predictions listen last weeks of -- on a document. So fragmentation. On -- talking about that -- -- -- -- there is lot of buzz this week about Nam you know one thing that we have called for is can Google put down some more. Strict rules about what manucturers -- phones can -- used it -- sort of pregnant too much or -- -- -- -- MC PU requirement and this is one of the first from. Ill say things in that direction that weve seen. Google I dont think this is pursuing new but I think it started with ice cream sandwich and they are requiring. Via. A certain skin called risen -- Hulu hollow scheme. Com. Be available on all ice cream sandwich. Four point -- a four point oh devices. So it doesnt have to be -- skin that is like shown they are using measure homes greener. -- -- you -- throughout your experience that. All apps need to have access to its if you write an app and you wanna show button you want to ensure that that button. Looks exactly as you expect. You can should have specified that I want to use the Hollis can show that button rather than. Use whatever the TC -- or TouchWiz. Button -- look may be you Tom. So potentially you avoid. Any problems that may occur by using. To register button or any kind of UI element that you didnt expect as the developer and can make sure your -- Looks exactly like you expect it to look great -- Im so I dont feel like this is is that -- strict on Googles front calm but. Needs developers -- -- collide if they want to take advantage of this and created a consistent experience for their app across. Android versions. Rate and with whats interesting is that if the requirement. But its not a requirement. Its a require -- in the sense that if you blind I think theyre saying if you wanna have the market on your device. You cant abide by this rule but you are perfectly RE not doing it if you want and not do it you just cant have the market in I think in that when Google saying you know were open and but were close institute. -- its its a very kind of interesting way of as kind of doing that theyre theyre still giving. -- developers -- the option to if you wanna make your device local creek you can play go for it if you if you want like global buttons and and comic -- -- your fine. Mural more than welcome to do that -- just after market if you do that and -- I think every by keeping the market separate from the core of -- of what injury is is that is -- sort of loophole. In the -- -- when whenever people start. You know going likeable if Google starts imposing rules on what things are supposed to look like and how things of course the work and theyre not really being open I think thats an interest in loophole that allows them to do both. At the same time. -- yeah and thats kind of always been. What they have required you know early -- so via atom. Forgetting that it does end devices let -- -- -- those -- in -- yet didnt have the market on it. Because they werent allowed because at that point I think who were currently has a cellular chip in your -- An arm and honestly thats what is news -- -- -- on that. Com. This excellence tension -- also. This is not on the -- who -- a routine. In reverse boot -- before and you know its great for people want to do it but com also can be kind of hard. -- one of said the real blow to the primary reasons I think that a lot of people -- -- the -- that irony to phone stuff for mily members over the holiday break was. There would a tether their phone with currently paying thirty bucks for of the tethering plan. And usually and typically -- -- -- -- if you -- have to buy elect at the three year for eight dollar app. And use that to enable some sort of view with -- Bluetooth tethering. Or. You have to root your phone and install Wi-Fi tethering app that -- routing being that. -- your your carrier finds out youve done it. Could -- problem depending on how much about it. Pain but your carrier wanted to be. But. I guess a little bit of -- work background here a clockwork -- basically and -- alternative boot loader that allows you to. Its that -- -- in -- do things like backup Iran and spoke with around that are that are. The developers. Of clockwork line that alternative -- -- has actually released. In -- -- in software solution. Called clockwork mark clot that and that. -- -- -- -- For Linux Mac and a PC. That will allow you to USB tether without a separate data plan that does not require root and most interestingly it uses an interest seeing. Tethering solution that. Makes it really hard for your carrier -- actually even knew that -- doing it. Was -- -- -- you know a round of against blocking of at apps in the marketplace -- out tethering on route last year. Im in -- and even. A lot of like the -- of the the right word is packet sniffing but just you know if your carrier Ricky would recognize. That the way that your phone was using data with unauthorized tethering they could actually block your service they -- sending out cease and desist last year. The way that this. Application it which is basically software you install on your computer. -- -- put your phone into whats called USB debugging mode you dont need -- for that its built into the device and the a software on your computer will install -- peaking in your phone in the in the start talking to each other. And I and the way they do that is is this is -- sneaky and it basically keeps. -- if you -- your carrier from really understanding or senior are drawing -- -- to the ct mr. tethering. -- its pretty cool I wished there was a -- version. You have to think thatll know he says that hes working on now to develop -- busy working on -- Bluetooth version and but because of the -- that theyre using to enable communication between the phone and in the device kind of Haston -- via Wi-Fi connection. I believe what is Bluetooth its edict is so Bluetooth three point nose up to 24 megabit. Nam. The potentially and -- -- in real world Bluetooth could be slower then. Your phone actually. Yeah probably but I mean it immediate I think. Yes if you wanted to full speed I mean. You can you can route into Wi-Fi. You -- pay for the plan that mean there are ways to get the full speed this is kind of a hack a work around Ive used it. -- with its announced a couple of -- news and Ive used it since the and it does work and it still buggy its alpha. And I did run into when he -- where when I stop tethering. Between the my phone in and my laptop. They wouldnt go back to life for some reason had to redo binary or yet -- because the -- The advantages to doing it this way is that when now I have tethered in the past you just kills my battery you -- that if youre tethered via USB probably charge charging it has -- time -- surged to an appointment. -- you know arent. We have if someone new ones chose week. We we do. It is mr. injury. -- If this is the Lander -- -- -- the and a few refining voice. As is an interesting. I guess in photographic. -- say its an interest team -- a PR scheme. -- whatever you -- have. Sorry if you go ahead with yours first. Well I mean if it ultimately -- -- -- what it does is it takes. Blue stacks -- they basically used -- entity they make. Basically injury emulation software PC and allows you to run apps that were developed for injury. On a windows PC and theyve done this being -- -- against kind of Tiki in the and all of this information. From. I guess people who -- them on FaceBook. And out of theyve compiled this composite. -- Who I is basically. Needs during Android so. I guess for example your average -- user. Most of them were teachers. Very few of them -- foot lots. Essentially theres only 1% T -- 62%. Genes. They break things outlook 47% have. Black -- thirty brown. Will -- twelve -- a very small percent have Green. And they basically kind of break out you know these. This information and in built what they think is the average. -- -- User. -- -- And then you -- looking guy and given that much. Anywhere is a Jean jacket. On our viewers like to have Jean -- does that concluded with yet an announcement on there. Caveat -- this is pretty inching its also I was saying you know -- to accident has. They were commander at world road -- -- you know this is just an interest in way to get. Their name out there on an iPod that does it work very well look were talking about the marina. -- -- just to mention January. But we also be mentioned in my cility or want. Now they won. What if they -- if and when exactly -- free publicity. Well Im sure it cost them something to do through all the trouble building -- though theres no assisting its free of the and a its interesting if its -- a -- cool look at. And -- is also very cool to compare my were true too but thats -- -- yet and just like yeah look at that. And mr. similar to that and I also have genes and were in the same sneakers at premiered demand. There anyway it has of the one aka wasnt learned about -- school girls. -- before a real value lead in a bit like that. Essentially -- me will since -- public that there is that I take a web comic. Manga if you will -- Thats developed by AD Japanese. Sort of web site in its basically what theyve done is. -- for more -- the different Android developers as. Japanese school girls so there is LG time and Sony every time. And -- teeth feet sat. Fence on time and -- basically theyve taken all of these characters and is basically. For example you know made HTC into. -- a schoolgirl is also looking character -- is supposed to represent Apple. The united character with -- -- appropriate black turtleneck and an Apple in hand and teacher. Cold and Im assuming is -- mr. Google. 20 where is god wears glasses that. Google. Of course theres a weird sub -- and in the comic -- -- Google has actually married a Motorola. One of the students and the biggest the the happenings in the sort of comic book -- dramatized. Versions of basically did the news thats happening in the injury world so when you see you know. Apple for example. Ensuing you know one of the injury manucturers. Then that they character would be sort of the -- would there be some sort of conflict in the comic there -- pretty interest in the look at. And so weird sort of phenomenon called I think its called on the -- and the from workstation where you basically takes something thats -- human. And then you turn it into a school girl. The issue of the first time then you see something like this he did others. Ive seen you know for example. Long did it take things like -- and news and Mac and Linux and in transformed him into sort of Japanese characters that sort of in -- the the characteristics of those operating systems or even. -- -- whole countries theres a couple of mind is where. Theres high school where it. Heres the current state of the student the represents Great Britain in the you know that that character is the end for more visitation of that culture. -- its interesting I think its banana cream its used in the USQ. To talk about a terrorist cooler gas is weird. Were gonna go to recognize -- -- humans RA since well be back talking about CEO. -- -- And were back game that was weird as soon as those talk about something that that -- me feel less awkward to yes. -- biggest. Who called biggest Consumer Electronics Show in the world if I think it is. I think -- maybe if he says people will. -- RU but I think youre ready -- You know that none of an effect on -- -- it -- it it says. The European anything. Electronics show now its the biggest convention. In Las Vegas -- it yes and massive I -- its treatments to get up all the hotels. And -- appointments all over that city. Its going to be a fun time. Fun times arent so we have a cup. Ill say predictions -- thoughts about what might be announced. That we -- it to us before we jump into the email. I think the biggest thing has been going around is that that Intel is -- have jumped the full force into the injury deem. With their atom chips com. End the rumors are of that -- not only announce that but they -- amounts potentially phones with LG. -- or Samsung. You Nam. You know and this could really change things -- -- now. -- in of all almost all phones standard. Phones have been arm base yet -- it and says this -- Intel who has not. Clearly not been strong commander -- market could suddenly. Jumping here and Intel is kind of force to be reckoned with -- right in the chip world. You know and -- -- in the way of things and no that they need to be in the mobile world and com so I I think. -- and is probably -- happening here whether -- see two phones announced I dont know. I actually think in that it -- -- its probably more likely will see them. Tests that water with via tablet spurt this seems like -- A more of a more about it you know. Transition their form ctor. I think that will see more tablet may be I think. In -- Im expecting to see. These these these tablets and CES and then maybe phones later on in the year. What Im expecting. Yeah I dont know I would recommend they go into phones -- as he could be right as well certainly is softer landing for them. So we are gonna carry the LG news conference at 80 AM Monday -- ninth slash slide. And who also have the Samsung press conference at 2 PM same day either Pacific time Asia Pacific time. And the Intel conference at -- and I am so. In whatever happens. Im pretty sure its happened there and thats gonna happen once -- a -- Decision tune in and watch. Definitely. -- -- speaking of tablets com. -- Is. Look it looks like theyre gonna follow up the transformer prime tenants with potentially a seven inch tablet. Its possible. Com. Would -- we -- does this make sense to use. I mean it doesnt make sense. Just kind of to get to the lower price point. I think that the disorder of that the price point of the entertainment such transformer -- -- is is a bit much for a lot of consumers and and I think that the price point of most tablets outside of the iPad is gaining in of course Amazons Kindle. -- unit which -- of is like buying it. With the were looking for an ecosystem that -- carry -- out of the price point of these devices is just a bit much for a lot of consumers and so I think to. To kind of shrieked at screen size down give people all that processing power that weve heard so much about. But in just a -- -- -- -- sacrificed couple inches of screen space a little more easy to carry around. Endive and I think thats a good thing Id definitely hope that we do see this and -- the rumored price point is to 99 Nam which is pretty good. What I also wonder I mean we havent really seen outside of the Kindle fire is successful. Seven inch tablet. -- you com says could this change the seven inch have a world. Before Apple -- -- -- -- -- interview Tuesday that the Samsung says -- tablet was not a success. I think it was a ilure but it I dont think. Its not like were scenes are equal amounts of seven mention ten inch tablet credits pretty much attendants have a world with some. Little seven -- thrown in there -- Thats thats who -- -- -- and twisted. And -- -- its Asus is not the only one. Planning to do some tablets and we also have some rumors about velocity might brew we dont hear a whole lot about -- league -- kind of run into the -- -- -- but did when being -- in very interesting about this tablet. Is that price point theyre talking about hitting. And thats. -- seven inch tablet -- 150 bucks. -- and its pretty low price point two does this have meandering market. Because it says it has -- Amazon market on it. Out of money in that -- they just have the app preinstalled. Com. I dont know havent looked for information -- that -- could really find it. And I guess I should say that these are and are -- these error act there -- a press release from you know -- -- about this so this will happen according to them. Nam suits that Cruz. Tablet -- -- -- -- 750. Dollars seven inch. Screen and -- -- T. 510. Nine point seven inch -- but there is no pricing yet. It looks like there is an Amazon out there yes -- theyre saying I Kindle for Amazon Amazon App Store. So I am. An army -- believe they did they dont have the Android app market or maybe its just not a point of sale for them they just insane thing about it. Lets do what we until someone gets their hands on -- -- I think we will -- -- wellness in and a Im all right so do you -- do you think were -- see at CES. Talking about little predictions here. Com. -- the sort of an. Device entry device that is the focus of -- like we did last year who saw -- -- -- a -- you com. Is that with so -- we saw that it means on the planet union -- an island in districts talked about that for you you know the years tree it almost. We saw that -- that that would seem to be like. Ever was talking about that that and resume you grant. It was a it was a big Andreychuk last year seems like so long ago you think were gonna see that kind of thing like his -- and again in -- -- -- -- Thing at a show and as theyre going to be -- event at. Vietnam. -- -- -- flagship device that emerges that were all gonna focus on or do you think its gonna just -- theres so much out there now that. Theres nothings gonna really emerge from the pack. I dont know so much about like a flagship device -- Again were seeing a lot of people out of manucturers trying to focus on and on going in in both directions and also kind of -- to target. And and and -- and take advantage of that sort of low price point I dont wanna spin 500 dollars on a phone sort of market. And so I think were gonna see. More sort of like. You know trickle down to mid tier and -- -- phones. And then you know maybe a couple of really big announcements that. I think also that -- this year a more than in any year its been last year about Windows Phone feminist and a its gonna steal a little bit -- that they -- gonna see a lot more from Microsoft. In that respect and CES this year -- Ill be interested to see you know through that the play back and forth between -- to -- and as r as like windows becoming a more competitor something that we we talk about more. As r as I need these sort of market share battle and in mind share battled for an integrated competitors yet thats accurate there. All right lets ticket quick look at the app of the week the app of the week is not a new when -- when that I. Just started playing its cut the group. In this is like a super cute little game with a very mechanic. That has absorbed hours of my life or over the last two weeks and basically the idea is that you have a little monsters -- -- mom. Best name ever. And -- the idea is that you have a little -- On. Peace group and you have to get the -- into his mouth and sometimes theres a as just swiping your finger in -- the -- But -- theres some really interesting physics involved were sometimes it is reading things into his -- that are pushed beings. With that with a year award. Even plea with gravity in one of the stages its. Does look at three by game and -- -- worth. Every penny. Nine incidents if it gap it used to be three -- -- we got ripped off opening I dont remember how much I paid for -- and -- purchased it and totally worth the money and -- their recent decade worth candidates its a lot of fun and sometimes very frustrating. -- -- I think Im a bow to -- when the levels away from being completely three stars on every stage and -- get this to play on the plane on the way home for the holidays. -- cool -- com. Creative indicates you are you and I am with a mean well it means I know it indicate means that just went -- That last week. Which was last week a couple weeks ago on our installation slash reviews show. We said they are entered port -- -- it had not happened. But apparently it has happened a few times when we had a -- Mel and comments on the blog about this. Nam you know the first one that will talk about we got from iron Z. On our blog comments and from miles vacated terms and junior -- email. And this is. This Saddam. Samsung. Kindred powered. Inaugurated. -- that -- X I have a videos here ended. Came out in -- it is this is dated December 20 -- its possible that it cannot for the end of the year but not before -- last show. Around that. You know I think we still can retroactively -- view. Up a point for this apparently. -- -- cyclical this video. -- -- listeners. Could. There are -- and which -- -- use the new get there a robot. There are in the -- -- and includes Metallica includes Microsoft Kinect enabled here. And another vehicle wreck involved in others in an inherited those in tablets. The -- in the -- in the tablet. -- -- -- -- Apparently -- indeed even give you a hug and. -- Yeah me. And its been -- -- in an appearance showing this off. At that Samsung galaxy cafe on the second floor of the -- -- of the report -- hills. I dont shopping center in took it. And anyway lets just -- -- -- get -- -- limitless funds is a regular employee was easily from the hes hugging a little girl and we also had a look like the bad robot Lugo from. Theres any -- exact area. And -- we had another email from games from who point out another hundred parity generated. From NASA. That I guess his -- looking robot servant. Powered by an Android phone. Seriously on the space station it is floats around and -- does stuff for -- -- -- that we actually did double points for. Did he think he should. Okay so that would make me the winner in. Against th