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Wire Security Cage

Wire Security Cage,Reduce pilferage, protect inventory, and increase safety by installing a tamper-resistant, secure partition

Woven wire cages are high-security, heavy duty applications. They can be specified for narcotics or other secure applications. 10-gauge wire is woven into a 2x1 mesh, then welded to heavy angle frame, and bolted to heavy 2x2 square posts.

Welded partitions are lighter in weight with larger 2x2 mesh openings, but very secure for most applications. Can be more easily field-cut for additions, custom openings, etc. Excellent for data center, warehousing, and other applications.

Restrict access to your warehouse by securing dock-side personnel doors. Provides a secure waiting area for deliverymen, truck drivers, service crews, and other cility visitors. Visitors enter an external door, but must be admitted by authorized personnel.

Ideal for law enforcement, jails, military and private cilities that require detention. These cells are excellent temporary or permanent minimum security holding. Also utilized at event cilities, airports and other places where detention may be needed.

Compliant storage for pharmaceutical manucturers, hospitals, distributors, evidence storage, and wholesalers for Schedule III, IV, and V controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections 1301:72-1301.76 physical security controls.

Select from a number of locks: 5-button access locks, dead-bolt, Electro-Magnetic, Coded Card Reader, and Electric Strike locks. Add hanging shelves to take advantage of vertical storage space and get items off of the floor.

Cages for temporary storage, smaller than wire partitioninwire cagesg (61 x 66 maximum). Cages are plated with attractive, durable &se it, re-use it, move it around - with ease. But fencing? Once its up, its up for good and usually has to be trashed when you need a change.

Wire partitions are much more secure. A guy with bolt cutters can get through a chain link fence. It takes more than that to get into a woven wire partition. They cant be easily climbed like a fence, either. There are no easy foot or handholds in the woven wire panels.

If a partition is damaged, you just remove the old panel and order a new one. If a fence is damaged, you have to pretty much redo everything.

Utilize wire mesh partitions and partitions for security areas, to prevent pilferage, to enclose work areas, and to create customized, accessible security areas in warehouses, manucturing cilities, and distribution centers. Great for stock rooms and other secure locations.

Panels install horizontally, between tubular posts. The panels are four or five feet tall, have lengths of one to ten feet (other sizes are available). Two or more panels are stacked to reach full partition height. Posts are 85 and 105 lengths, and are available for any height up to 40 feet.

Wire mesh wall and ceiling panels are interchangeable...totally modular. This feature simplifies relocation and layout changes. Partitions are built with durable 3/8 hardware. Once installed, the hardware is not accessible from the exterior. Furthermore, the panels all welded construction, combined with the posts welded base plates, provide unequaled strength and security.

Panels, posts, windows and gates are high-quality woven or welded wire, dependent on application. See individual cages for exact specifications.

Cisco-Eagle helps you get exactly the right Wire Partitions and Wire mesh security cages to create secure space for storage and work in process. For more information, call Customer Service or submit an inquiry: