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newsteelconstructioncom,With its unique shape and complex steel design, the Leadenhall Building is set to become a City of London landmark, reports Martin Cooper...

The UKs most mous ancient monument is being transformed by new and improved visitor cilities, with steelwork taking centre stage at..

Using steelwork as the framing material for a school project in south London has helped the team coordinate the programme around students..

The steel construction sector may be ahead of the game as r as BIM is concerned, but is the technology being fully utilised all along the..

A steel framed leisure, business and civic complex will help to rejuvenate Redcar town centre. Martin Cooper reports from the town where..

Prebricated steel elements have played a key role in a station access improvement programme that was successfully completed during a..

Criteria such as the size, shape, multiple uses and a constrained site all lead to a steel framed solution for a community health centre in..

Extremely tight deflections are being accommodated within a large portal framed structure designed for steel constructiona world renowned manucturing..

The British Constructional Steelwork Association and Tata Steel will bring together some of the UKs leading experts on fire safety..

New Steel Construction is produced by Barrett Byrd Associates on behalf of the British Constructional Steelwork Association, The Steel Construction Institute and Tata Steel.