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Ep 73 Lets not turn this into a Warcraft thing

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Created: 01/24/2012 This week, we have a giant NES controller perfect for Donalds purely hypothetical Furry party. Plus, the creepiest robot baby yet, a turntable that plays trees, and an uncut Star Wars along with a cut-worthy Stormtrooper cake. In Geek news, Eric confesses that Star Wars: The Old Republic may be his new World of Warcraft.

Okay its Tuesday January 24. Im Donald bell youre experiencing -- crave podcast and Im here with. The. Eric Franklin share. All got. Hes gonna take all day with this introduction to I dont -- to look -- your phases like our mandalit originals is dude. Yea youre youre definitely -- during. And your -- into manageable and always speak of take a long time which would total. And you know I. Some of us some other things -- -- that you know this is an important podcast and if you can get fit and the iPod. All -- it -- -- and -- FaceBook in the music but would like us. -- -- time on this thank you for join music and youre wrong we never wanna take you for. After a giant although we do this podcast she really want to now we dont want to. Where I have a lot -- period. I dont want and I want to know it makes -- Catholic. We dont want you here when this game. On. Chiefly among the and the -- in the back and then I cannot ally ourselves and like you started yeah. Hope to combat. I probably wont leave this youll simulated -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- Youd expect them all is there any point any talking sound effect machine like its been on -- -- the wheels and whats funny handcuffed to that the tables like please let me -- and -- know. Shock I dont carry back. If you get a piece extended out long enough it will become its own thing well get some momentum going yeah -- just. -- -- to be like. You know. Just watching you -- -- Happy at Watson guy a lot of yeah yeah -- It. Thats my Linksys. On that note -- -- who wants to see the worlds biggest original Nintendo controller. Ascent and regional and and I should say and YouTube on the web content yet. Not to dumb it down and ultimate experience. The worlds largest reproduction. Functioning reproduction of -- and yes Julie had scaled up thirty times. In each dimension. Is that being shown off at Londons Liverpool street station. It is with may. By -- and engineering student Ben Allen as -- and collaborators from. The city. With its. -- you need to keep any two people XIA. -- -- You know genuinely -- past -- create test I wouldnt want one of these outline what -- want to rent one of these for party you know would be an idea if that be awesome if its our innocent. With me like two years later they probably have is probably right I would also it would be like a furry themed party where we all come dressed as a vor like you know this. Martin currently flying through -- -- -- -- now and if youre gonna go all the time about thirty time. Out there. Im not saying economic. These ual query party and exchange that would really naked eye and right now its usually essential for your cards is a party where you leave your keys in the boldly -- and its -- -- animal major take a look at all. About the -- he reaction you know. I mean Mario with that no detail is still counts as referred he had -- pretty. And explicitly leaders that thats good to see yeah thats that you badly this guy knows and -- and he -- about and a little prairie. -- -- -- -- -- Ares I -- them for this thing now. That said. I do hope that you know. The worlds engineering students have bigger projects to tackle beyond -- not distant scale but I dont know how much the world needed its. No I dont admit the cash like most things and -- Its -- to. And pray that illness who need it yet. -- I -- -- -- sad about what I do the job right now ma you know -- means that I didnt write any and all. A week promoting it out the -- -- -- tackle -- -- is no matter what you do in your life and -- can be used with. Im -- well. Those -- care. You can be doctor evil and just you know calculate exactly how to bring about Ian the world in which case people amended his count Anemia -- be a lot -- thats a word legal right sure. Sure if its something youre gonna make a difference thats is that if youre gonna blow up the planet with the giant laser. You know I dont think you get you can actually accomplish that but even if you did. Wednesday signal gives superheated bellies. And probably could mean theres no yeah you can be late you know the -- -- -- -- -- once just destroy the world because no point living rent you know. Our eyes and his colleagues came to that conclusion after -- the -- -- Im sure that day you know. Like you know this is the best humanity yeah the -- and then this is -- Destroy it. I was to attend as well. He will be survive though by eight actually its robot may be a happy and I and electronic creation. These guys that -- it. It moved me to -- because Nvidia all no matter how bad your next nightmare tuition -- and local law. Its happening right now. And -- or run it. Why -- it -- around because its meant to be a very realistically. -- -- about articulated in electronic Davies is in use them he had. Apparently was used in the soap opera. Because they -- anyone Leslie -- didnt -- Generally okay I didnt realize why is it -- -- -- made me and I. That is well then Ill guide and a -- -- credits. When it -- -- the other one went to live season finale. Elegant and pretty -- so I mean things like this need to be treated so that actual -- babies which you dont exist no Beatty wants to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So things like this into existence of that keep -- natural media out of harms way are from avenue of the stage share bird you know hours and share so this is a good thing. I I mean well. Hot you you probably -- wish you -- havent seen that it adds. But heres heres the secret to a creepy robot the exists. Everywhere like B and opportunities to work it was like -- dancing -- -- -- -- -- just got up at like Walgreens. Four for five dollars if you start peeling in the Atlanta clothes and spin off that thing at the -- -- it -- -- like yeah. -- really scary yeah make its terrifying. Night nearby. For like ten bucks just -- -- -- drama Santa Claus IR that the killer Santa Claus for America man. On the other is pretty bad experiment of Emily Dreyfuss and her own and -- its a real nice stereo. Am still angry. Maniac -- For us what shes. Is this -- and this can and while. Were. Going and going wed lose. It start it in a way I do it in addition to robot -- -- We will also be survived by the treaties and ankles be able to make. Beautiful music that thinks to HA would plane turntable. In an art project. Buying. Actually I dont know who it is by a genius. Thats -- -- that it is actually -- is using a. Tone arm on a standard turntable with a slice of -- a rotating around. And the theres a little light and a camera on the tone arm that is. Looking at the particular color and Green of the wood and then running that do software. And creating you know -- -- threshold of pitch and columns and -- Bursts of piano. And plotting sadness. Let me stay and I asked -- horrible you are as a human being to have cuts -- down -- and lonely years. This tree expansion in the wilderness to grow these screens feel and actually is -- killer but he has a -- its. Intends trees only to -- -- as it -- now. I mean well its been tapped and its I would think after -- -- -- in Gaza -- to be pretty happy yeah only trees livable. Before they I -- how -- they live usually. Lets -- -- -- -- countrys ever strongly forever. And they dont think they just -- for you -- some jeopardy knowledge that I dont have that yeah Im sure this is a search away but. The longer you live this seems like the sandy realizes. I think thats what were getting from its the end so you know are are a continued search for immortality. As human beings. -- on Google and products at the. Well it has got to. Can it really helped it does music I think is that that the music is really generated by the software right yes you can unplug and Herb -- the Tijuana brass and play this. -- -- The artist decided. -- to make is all filtered through a minor -- you know piano so he could have chosen to have it all beef who was -- thats coming out of this tree -- gray wants people to view something but if you get them to you gotta make art and it should get a cell. If youre gonna sell a serious piece of -- -- how to make it plays them. -- plotting. John Cage you know music. It out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sachs. And Ill tell us. -- only read and edit them and attack us and instead it. -- -- there have been managed to be like in and that comes out to tell -- that that was not what they intended to sound. -- and that they really much you have to think. -- -- -- -- While images of people running really st you think every road back from that your -- Men -- the older men chase didnt half naked women via the current. And I dont know if the Star Wars. With -- And then lets -- that SATA that I -- identify the war therefore opening up all the flowers names on its pretty impressive. -- so that that leads us to our next story which is the Star Wars. And cut project. Yes -- crowd sourced version of the original version. Of Star Wars yes films fifteen seconds at a time in incredible. Does anyone have a relatively -- to lash. Incredibly difficult. I I -- you know every fifteen seconds you know something new news coming you know again and the may -- interpretation of that scene or. And how how precisely -- -- like you know one problem -- once hell start with whats you know what. After seeing that itll and would like a legal difference in Anderson like that -- he -- -- -- -- -- -- a very successful software that -- via. -- I dont know then. -- near. -- TV cut and deliver. Theres even the original version -- Star Wars doesnt you know. Well as a follow -- probably. I dont like. -- -- Hi I. I encounter a lot of pain and I see this as massive as. And not -- this. I -- it. To. Up once a cop out yeah its. -- -- -- -- this goes up to two hours handyman and now and I its. I -- around a lot -- and -- and I like it might rival -- yeah like I watch it with what T yeah. Other than that and pretty amazing pretty amazing app was denied it after me and they stand in in . Was when the end. There -- about. The. It is. In this fiscal sense in this completely dependent upon you know its -- -- and -- -- -- How do they avoid a lawsuit. I mean I alternately they actually got to locate vendors that -- -- artists are looking at and yet and it does not. The worst guy Im Im kind of realizing lately. Ive been -- in -- resume Michael or less like few years. Died at if you hes been -- More like publicly available like doing interviews and stuff. The risk -- -- you know the whole leg ruin your childhood thing thats you know -- pretty Im forgive you but again column but other than that all men. I understand his -- -- like -- -- movie. Imovie so I could do Iowa and I mean you cant -- argue with that -- In -- thats it -- talking about his -- if you -- yeah thats coming Connecticut and with on the same Star Wars. You know theme here we have any. Gigantic. Why I should say almost life size storm trooper. Speak. Then. -- Thats the case. McCain only yet small it it was six -- it. -- 300 power might not yet I actually asked me under calories count I interviewed. Woman on the -- up -- mean that. Is it -- -- is now -- Boston and argon meddling. They give us clarity yet someone at CES attacking them and you know it was for. SI play. 22 in Boston beaten the name they asked them to meet that Kate can -- Its had taken two weeks -- mobile link. Baker is amazing and people like -- an -- -- -- do you do thats preschool to K you do a lot of fun lot of price Christy -- thing. -- -- on these all the pipes and he doesnt structure and -- and -- yet. And they had been transported in my exceptions -- that the conference Im still pretty amazing. -- And she said dont the most challenging. -- -- are two things one was that take delicious he. -- And then the second part was a fun not because. Thats a sugary candy coating on the side but like hanging it vertically. It usually it lls off so they had -- did. Well. While -- -- but its a pretty hats costs. Its great I whose -- that I mean and now. Rosenstiel initiator and yes and she wants to work on. Something for the -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- Thanks in my science towards our regular enough pre. -- -- multi. Media. But -- end -- will be chemical or lets say smog can honestly like this worked of the hack into an hour and that he hasnt -- like bloody -- -- listening -- some like black liquor issue Jews coming out. At Nelson -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I did you have that I was I was mixing middle earth would drag me terms that means anyone knows -- dragon is knows what the taint the human with a sixty. They didnt think I -- they believe that I think my eyes actually how I would suspect that both are people who are very knowledgeable of -- probably down the -- they know how cancer disease people. -- and of the. Years. -- -- -- us away. In -- magical and wonderful world. Now were -- with a -- what was he says something I have missed that I was class. And -- is -- thank you so much. -- I like the that they can be refreshed. Data every few -- -- them -- you know many times you. Its pretty. I appreciate -- hookups and and seeing hour sustained with Apache chief Avi thats a pretty good and giant yeah so what who he -- he -- -- -- -- You know about your -- Use. Problem that much of -- and -- -- -- and in Baghdad and thus stopping geek news this week tons of stuff. Of first -- one -- you can just -- that clip its gonna talk about. Finally. Palm. TX. -- -- -- -- Now Ive finally -- alma -- -- implement anything profoundly. -- and and started playing the Old Republic waste hours in MO reduced hours and promote. And all home I was just finished -- to I was really into the whole story -- And -- and this is you know this is just a cinema openings has won because it would equal. Com. And is really the story and the kind of way that BioWare does there are refugees is very care focus needed to make much places that matter in the game and want more this source followers has that when the planet and you know the experience that more and its always universe -- -- to try. Thirty days -- free. Why not right. And I get and its awesome its Green complain the Sith inquisitor in a beetle dark and choices in -- It wont wait you know that whom the -- -- got to the twice what -- torture and torture over the dark points -- people at this as. He goes through you know bring out the robot may be exactly as an angry. It has -- wired on and on cracking down and a -- -- didnt show up on the actions and he looks in the game but it way. It was great and is -- focus. And then the game -- remind me that sit in memo. And I did and remembered how much I hated some aspects of in the -- from my experience by seven years of playing wow. Com or six years meanwhile. And -- Like less miles playing analysis -- its kind of the -- to -- -- it is pretty awesome. All -- -- plant and utilize the other side. I think the story is great and -- make choices but its too r in the -- -- -- its its ala. Its not around when it hormone to an address and the story is great but -- to do all the admirable stuff in between the story. So you have to do all the -- questioning and finding stuff and group of people that you hate -- dont like got a route to the Internet and pay all that stuff and youre trying -- Its always quests -- complete -- quest and has Moscow you know better that are -- great -- enemies always different terminology -- -- as -- matter if you annoyance it always miles. -- -- And its trying to get back to that to the -- based deterrent. Quest is I wanna do these multi viewing can kill you so frustrating is like well what happened to the story all -- -- the story I know its in a memo so. I dont know Im gonna continue playing past thirty days a -- labeled him more the thing that keeps the -- -- to keep the thing that keeps ever complains that -- late. That addictive -- of the game that -- The you do that that that dont -- drip. Every time you open up -- -- And -- -- -- didnt want to try again you know that kind of stuff and thats why -- little cracked but exactly. And -- Jimmy also good at the first Im not I got. Exactly exactly so often thats the -- my experience and its funny my wife came to me last -- those -- his late. All -- need -- it is not. It and its nice very nice thank god bless your little money annually and it -- it. I just the military until while the. Just Canada -- that can eat it. Youre so much so whats this summer to better husband since it is quick loans and see if we had to go -- -- -- Lake -- Green and really does my explicit or. Also before. -- -- -- -- -- -- Either way it doesnt have to be found and resolved as a result in well Ill catch you guys up in a couple of weeks need to -- and yet today it if you pay here and at home as. Well well state intervention in ct the -- -- -- get the -- right light and can I do this. Remotely from my. This is a -- -- yeah exactly. Yes and I was rigor of -- display Atlantic. And volume. -- on. Other Geeknews do you guys ever -- The tabletop and had any of that. Older cousin whose. Loved it and -- Its an -- to sleaze and a half minute -- truly users. Saying enix except for me cause -- basically -- -- -- back in the day when I was like well thats how you got your your your brain wired for animal yeah I know and I. Are they just announce a with the -- -- announced that theyre -- fifth edition of the rules. -- -- a single out of -- competition to get a lot of competition because of in the most because of games like bring war crap because of games like sky -- where people are just like well. I dont really need to play this table game at that we -- where I cant see anything. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is played a game. And you know get that kind of fulfillment that -- kind of like achievement of children from this thing is that going to this other thing it was atlas planning at the -- people together. But I really hope like -- -- two games dont really dont go away BS. I really -- the thing about those games is a social aspect and even while in in the most of the social aspect was never as. That it was always about the achievement in -- -- -- -- this -- would do this and I dont kill the state lets see what happens if you know. You flirt with this woman or some like that or you or we tried to talk to the top our way out of this situations and I are not right now that comes up in -- -- You would you be. We are -- in a room with people Writely cant agro mob on new -- I like me I -- it and computer. Thats -- and -- -- well I mean its true that we actually ce to ce with people is a different its a totally different dynamic yeah yeah and it is. And -- -- exactly and we look plants that we would take like fifteen tournaments are predicts thats going on lets planets out and see you have that we will take the time a plan. It was for a man who was it was great -- locals can build those new rules what are the new rules how are they adapting to -- but that doesnt that the unique -- -- -- it actually giving feedback from the community recover I have this really law complete testing. Time. To kind of get feedback from the community -- so it like the community can be. Very much involved in the direction that the new. About -- -- playing TV today the result of the my friends I suppose what you know -- Mary yes they have kids. Theres -- time its central planning and for the dungeon master especially as the -- he has a plan all the stuff out. And if you -- -- two kids its you dont really have time to do that comes up some hoping that. Eagles in the direction of you know not requiring -- planning you can just -- -- drop -- Get -- there have your fun using. And drop out so thats -- hoping for so well see thats going to be ugly things. -- -- Astronauts cannot -- end yes yes I like that patient make it right now -- -- that -- rise of the planet of the -- space bus link that Andy Serkis did not get. And -- snubbed once again and am. On the -- -- Yet this year not that exciting for me. -- theres a few Oscar nominations and Im pretty happy with how -- glad -- Hill and Brad Pitt got nominated for money welcome its probably. Maybe thats why youre brilliant year -- -- -- -- -- its so good its who sold well written its own. This sort Sorkin -- Sorkin. Those -- writing from west wing and and it. Though that if the system it again I cant they get the ratify the social network. -- get that experience -- Actually yeah okay well what -- the right that back I wrote that the staff and this yeah okay are sorted so yeah -- the reading is great is -- is very witty. On this story that I knew the story get a film -- -- -- -- you know it like at the end it was like change this looks like it potatoes so good. So I really hope that -- It was one of those guys or at least a movie get some recognition of -- in the nomination. A and that is like the top Ill go -- the top ten films again nominated right quick I can find them recruit the best picture. The artists the -- It should do well incredibly close. To help Hugo midnight in Paris money ball the tree of life in war horse and -- This a -- that tells me -- him he had actually only seen. Two movies -- -- lists and I always -- ball imminent threat -- a little I wanna see you wanna -- -- alive. I can I wanna see world wars I dont wanna see help I dont wanna see the artists. -- well see theres. As LC Iranians and it does -- -- -- -- action chemicals in this in his her its come over -- Hollywood was actually -- -- that mountain between it but -- com. Right right. We started -- we started watching the tree -- life. A couple of weeks ago or a couple of days ago and is -- to Terrence Malick for my wife and its charismatic movie you know they can be treaty. Abstract. You know and not -- dialogue heavy discount lot of images lot of rear camera did stuff going on and yet so you -- want stats so partnership. Though anyway talk a lot yes I think this column so you -- -- -- the Oscars and then he doesnt care lines. Its only served to remind me how little the active social life slash movie feeling like I have now and is I dont need that yeah -- -- -- -- -- badly on client yeah I am that meant no longer in tune than the design -- -- coaches and things. In. -- -- -- It. Ill Ill see movies two years from now and know -- care yeah I understand -- better. Lets clarity. On Twitter world but -- able. From a variety and Vermont money out of all the best -- -- -- and the end thats so expect that -- -- And lastly in Geeknews. Went through the image I grew up. -- -- reading the X-Men. I can understand why a an impressionable mind -- -- -- in the ninetys. This character Elizabeth Elizabeth Braddock. -- -- -- -- -- Hall was turned. Once you. Like before we fortunately it is the kind of communication issue at its full -- -- power her ability to rt out robot. -- out of it all out at at at and earned her -- She was very communications. She was usually what its like pink suit like full body suit again -- whole body and then when she went through the siege perilous just get remade. And -- As a Japanese assassin chick that -- that outfit. And instead of doing it like she hat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And as an impressionable young fourteen year old. It was a graphics also asylum made it very column column strong impression on me and marvel actually release that no other reasons and it has marvel actually. They dont usually do this -- a lot of home panels. Actually made a -- lot of that handle -- -- and released it and for some reason in the -- that is what people into -- happens -- -- And the one above issue worsened and and -- it. Yeah thats best. -- As -- to bring a little attention the site -- one of my all time vorite marvel careless and now shes not that interest in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And thats well probably end geeky its huge now that its at covered on the basis and I think they are quotient -- -- you know theyre pretty cool. Success and its basis its -- show right. And you should check out our crave blog you can find it at this thing here Cray dot arent yet in -- neighbor. News that -- dot. Linux and many -- -- you can Google it and it probably take you right there yeah. While -- -- -- -- -- -- Google pre upgrade to creepy thing. If youre -- yeah are identified using geek in Powell. Now. -- -- Bill Phelan has it does come. Of those total component dont give them money Cubans who believe things. System to -- and youll find us next week is well find us on Tuesdays. Same time thanks to grants that.

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