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Steel Mesh Security Storage Cages for Motorcycle Tools - Pri

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Steel mesh cages for that extra security In your workshop, garage or ute or truck, they can be easily dyna bolted or stened to aa concrete slab or tray of a vehicle.   One side and  end can be easily removed for r  loading & unloading.     When the side and end are replaced, the lid can be swung over the top and the cage can be secured with a paddlock or snakelock. These cages are user friendly and provide a safe, secure and reusable solution to store or transport and freighting of a motorcycle, ATV, Scooter, Moped or MobilSteel Mesh Security Storage Cages for Motorcycle Tools - Private Parking - Parkop,ity Scooter or associated tools & equipment. The Cages can have a myriad of uses in storing or transporting a variety of  Tools, Equipment, Bicycles, Generators, Welders etc. The cages can be moved easily with a pallet jack, forklift or slings attached to a crane.   They can be multi stacked in storage and easily shrinked warpped for that extra protection from the elements if left outdoors. The cages could be easily dyna bolted to a garage floor, back of a ute or tray truck for added security.   They have numerous tie down points all within the perimeter of the cage. There are forty of these cages in total.     Can be sold individually at $290.00 per cage.    Price negotiable if bought in multiple numbers. 40 Cages in total. Dimensions are  ( 2.3 x 1.00 x 1.170 ) and weigh approximately 130 kg each. For more information: Email.  [email removed] Mobile – [phone removed]Features: Motorcycle Spaces