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For the astronaut with everything the $115000 Moon Orbiter w

At nearly half the price of a suborbital flight, Romain Jeromes latest slab of luxury has sci-fi styling, moon dust, and Apollo 11 bits. But no spacesuit.

The Moon Orbiter has a flying tourbillon at 9 oclock and a power reserve at 6.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield recently joked about getting a gold watch for his retirement. But this hunk of spacetime would be r more appropriate.

RJ-Romain JeromeFor the astronaut with everything the $115000 Moon Orbiter watch,s deluxe Moon Orbiter is a tribute to the conquest of space, just in case you were confused about whos in charge of the cosmos (not Canadians, I can assure you).

Previewed at Baselworld 2013, the Orbiter is a massive, three-quarter-inch-thick chunk of steel that looks as though it will either fire missiles or jump off your wrist and transform into an angry robot.

But the theme here is all about feel-good rocket adventures and moon vibes.

The black dial contains moon dust, and the steel case, like several other Romain Jerome watches, incorporates elements from the Apollo 11 space shuttle, whatever that is (Romain Jerome did not immediately respond to a query seeking clarification).

Meanwhile, pneumatic lugs secure this weighty machine to its black alligator strap for an optimal fit.

The time functions are pretty straightforward: hours and minutes at 3 oclock; a 42-hour power reserve gauge at 6; and a flying tourbillon at 9 that recalls a rocket in flight.

Sapphire crystals on the back and sides provide an interesting 3D view of the mechanical self-winding movement. The watch has 32 jewels and is water-resistant to 98 feet.

Only 25 Moon Orbiters, which are part of Romain Jeromes Moon DNA line, are being made. A cool capsule-like case that opens at the touch of a button makes the $115,000 price tag a tad easier to swallow.

Thats about half the price of a Virgin Galactic ticket. The conquest of space doesnt come cheap.

Tim HornyakCrave freelancer Tim Hornyak is the author of Loving the Machine: The Art and Science of Japanese Robots. He has been writing about Japanese culture and technology for a decade. E-mail Tim.

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