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Crimped Wire Mesh trends

Crimped Wire Mesh of China's main export areas are concentrated in Asia, many countries are also faced with the adjustment of product structure, high-grade, complete crimped wire mesh proportion of the demand will be gradually expanded. Beneficiary after the elimination of quotas will become effective growth markets crimped wire mesh, crimped wire mesh post-quota era to seize development opportunities to benefit for the post-quota trade areas should accelerate the implementation of export, expand market share. Implementation of export products gradient transfer strategy to change the way of trade, is to expand the market share of crimped wire mesh effective way. Our wire mesh compared with developed countries there is still a gap, but with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, crimped wire mesh trading power, has obvious advantages. Especially in our country in the ginning network sets, complete sets of equipment and dyeing of polyester devices all have a certain competitiveness, accelerate the implementation of gradient transfer of products, increase direct investment in these areas, vigorously implement the exit strategy, seeking new ways technology upgrades, to improve competitiveness in international markets. China's accession to the WTO has increased the protection of intellectual property, but also by new technical barriers from developed countries the threat of trade protection policies through traditional means and mere imitation technology introduction have been less likely to continue to support the wire mesh industry technology requirements. Therefore, to accelerate the implementation of M & A strategy, developed areas to the characteristics of wire mesh enterprises to implement industry mergers and acquisitions, direct access to advanced technology products continue to seek technological upgrading new model. Ginning network in the country after decades of development is relatively mature, the gap with foreign advanced level shrinking, but there are still many problems. Since China enters the WTO, the domestic crimped wire mesh enterprises seize this excellent opportunity, has been rapid development and progress. Accelerate the pace of technological innovation, the development of products; vigorously implement the exit strategy, to seek new ways of technology upgrades.