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Expanded metal mesh on the highway applications - Bo Yang Me

Expanded metal mesh, metal mesh in a variety of industries. Also known as metal mesh, anti-cast nets, iron mesh, expanded metal mesh, perforated metal mesh, glare net.

     Expanded means: through special machinery sheet metal processing, the formation of a mesh material objects Zhang status.

     The main steel mesh Specifications:

     Material: Low carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal plates.

     Mesh: 70cmX400cm (column center distance), mesh: 40X80mm, 36P-tube (Pipes).

     Expanded Metal Surface Treatment: PVC Dip (plastic bag, spray, plastic), hot dip galvanized, electro-galvanized and so on.

     Expanded Uses: used for roads, highways, railways, bridges, construction sites, residential, factories, airports, stadiums and other green areas, play a role in anti-glare and protection;

     Steel mesh advantages and characteristics:

     First: Such networks usually use steel mesh, Pipes, side lugs, welded pipe, connected accessories and hot dip tube Strut.

     Second: uniform mesh connection, three-dimensional shape; horizontal permeability, junction without welding, holistic firmly shear destructive; mesh body lightweight, clean, beautiful and durable.

     Third: anti-vertigo become an important functional purpose. In particular, for highways, steel nets bulge stem portion can effectively reduce nighttime driving each other's strong sense of vertigo caused by lights. Make highway driving more comfortable and safe. Facilities can effectively ensure the continuity and horizontal glare of sight, but also to isolate the upper and lower carriageways, glare and achieve the purpose of isolation, is a very effective highway fence products. (For example: if 110,120 ambulance, conservation work vehicle traveling needs, at a certain distance cancel bidirectional middle of the road guardrail product, it has installed free activities, such as in cases of emergency, road administration department can quickly open as Fence used in order to facilitate these vehicles quickly through.)

     Dual anti-glare coated mesh galvanized coating can prolong life, reduce maintenance costs, and ease of installation, not damaged, less contact surface, easy to stick dust can long maintain a clean, specifications and diverse characteristics.