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Maintenance of steel mesh

Steel mesh  is an essential part of China's industrialization, surely we all know, for products like steel is easily oxidized away, resulting in severe product defect. When the economic crisis, how to effectively save business costs, expenses Operating costs per an enterprise is the first thing to do (of course, have a quality assurance) in order to allow more long product life steel mesh, then we need to do is to do antirust measures, the following brief introduction to the author about it!

     First, we can add some rare elements of ordinary steel and other metals into changing the internal organizational structure.

     A .. However, the metal surface can be covered by a protective layer around the quarantine isolation surrounding corrosive media, thereby preventing achieve the anti-corrosion effect. Example: web surface of the steel sheet coated with oil, petrolatum, paint or enamel covering, pvc other corrosion-resistant non-metallic materials; using electroplating, hot dipping, spraying and other methods, the surface of the steel sheet plated with zinc, chromium, nickel, etc. ; the steel surface by chemical methods generate a dense and stable oxide film. Such as machine parts, guns and other steel parts formed on the surface layer of fine black iron oxide films.

     Two. Regular cleaning of metal equipment or desiccant placed in precision instruments and in corrosive media can slow down the corrosion rate of adding a small amount of corrosion inhibitor.