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How to make more robust bilateral Fence

When the fence welding a good future, such as the elimination of residual stress Fence methods are high-temperature tempering and vibration elimination method, the easiest way is to eliminate vibration method, vibration elimination method is the use of variable speed motor by the eccentric and the composition of shock vibration, resonance occurs in bilateral wire fence cyclic stresses generated to reduce the internal stress. Double Circle Fence parties must demand strict production drawings; demand side must provide the number of standard and non-standard mesh mesh width of the size and quantity. Double ring fence surface treatment of plastic layer dip, treated plastic layer should be uniform integrity, color, smooth surface is practical, does not allow sagging, excess drip tumors or lumps; should be seamless plastic, exposed iron and other defects. Dip layer should be uniform and smooth, continuous, visually distinguishable hole, space, pores, cracks, peeling, scratches and other defects.