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Fence installation method

Fence is mainly divided into: highway fence, rail fence, bridge fence, highway fence, sports fence, airport fence, etc. (extremely versatile).
         By type is further divided into: Frame Fence, triangular bending fence, bilateral wire fence, double ring fence, wave-shaped fence, razor wire - wire mesh fence, barbed wire fence, fence, etc. Dip (type of diversification).
             Fence Connection accessories, including tubular cylinder, connecting tendons and the left and right to the hook plate. And the tubular cylinder, connecting tendons and the left and right hook plate as one of the flexible sheet molding, sheet metal sides there are several notches constitute the gap between the hook plate. Since the side of the cylinder with a hook plate, hook plate and the cylinder is formed of one sheet by cold rolling machine molding cylinder cross-section for the rule class semi-elliptical, rectangular or triangular shape, which makes Fence Connection column structure is simple, easy to install, cylinder bending strength increased. Also: The fence connection hook plate along the arc column toward the inner side, and type semi-elliptical cylinder fitted projecting straight edge, effectively prevent prying tool, to ensure the safety fence while forming a perfect sleek lines.