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Fence work on the production of acceptance inspection

I plant on April 19 to begin production Dip fence, we QC team continuously attendant two days of production out of the 1870 Fence for product testing. Fence Dip good adhesion layer, the appearance of uniform color glossy, smooth, non-sagging, fat coke, cracks and other defects. In addition to individual pinhole defects exist, the product quality to meet the standard requirements. But after testing, found that the thickness of the fence dip far from ideal, fence line portion Dip average thickness of 0.89mm, the thickness of the lower part Dip average 1.56 mm. From the test results, fence Dip uniform thickness defect is the largest, followed by the presence of pin holes.
Through Survey, we found that, in order to reduce the cost of fence dip, you must reduce the amount of plastic powder, while reducing the amount of plastic powder must solve the problem of uneven thickness dip.