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How to choose quality fence products

Faced with this problem, for the experienced buyer, it is nothing, it is not good for the novice to grasp, experts pointed out that the selection of high-quality fence is very important, the material will have a direct impact on the quality of products and useful lives, whether it relates to the product reaches usable life, whether the quality standards.

First, we look at the fence mesh is how, often by different mesh sizes welded wire, wire diameter and strength directly affect the quality of the mesh, wire side should be selected in the selection is regular manufacturers of high-quality wire rod pulled out of the finished wire; followed mesh welding or preparation of process, this is mainly to see technical staff and a good production machinery between skilled technical and operational capabilities, is usually a good mesh each spot welding or the preparation can be a good connection. Some formal fence Anping production companies, including the use of automatic welding machine to produce, but with the small plants are welded by hand, the quality is usually very difficult to Yasumasa.

The second thing to note is: Fence frame choice, some of the regular manufacturers are using angle and round, but in different parts of the choice of the angles and round should also be different.

Third, the fence grasp the overall spray process, in general, should pay attention to the product's overall uniformity of spray, there is the paint quality is also crucial.

The above three points, the choice of quality fence products are the basic conditions, according to the above method, for the purchase of high-quality products so we had to basically bottom up.