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Install Airport Fence What precautions when

Airport Fence with beautiful, practical, convenient transportation and installation characteristics. If the top of the installation at the airport fence razor wire, razor barbed wire and then a good enhanced security performance. For ordinary airport fence can be used plating, hot dip, spray, dip and other forms of corrosion, with good anti-aging, sunscreen, weather and so on. Its products handsome in appearance, color and diverse, both play a role in the fence, but also play a role in landscaping. I can plant according to user needs for a variety of sizes of Airport Fence product! Airport Fence in the industry, also known as "the airport fence", "Y-type security and defense grille", airport fence is established by the V-shaped bracket Zhu, reinforced welded mesh sheet, security, security fittings and hot dip galvanized razor wire cage composition, strength and safety is a high level of defensive fence products.

After installing the airport fence fence with vertical uprights ball detection, detection of verticality after filling data, for example, using a standard plumb bob of 5cm, the measured horizontal distance of 1m position 4.9cm, then fill -1, note detection content of the unit is mm / m. Similarly, if the measure is 5.2cm, then fill in two recent years, the airport fence as high security, anti-climbing ability, mesh connections using a special SBS fastener, effectively prevent human destructive disassemble, transverse four bending stiffeners, that the net surface strength increased significantly.