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Fully prepared before the rail fence quote

Fully prepared before quoting rail fence; First, a careful analysis of the customer's purchase intention, understand their real needs, to be targeted on out a good quotation. Like we do rail fence, fence in the face inquiry, we will first analyze the customer, such as dealers or direct customers need a lot more, the price is not simply to test the waters, so these we will analyze. Of course, we will help our customers to give them to recommend better, more suitable products, such as for cattle, sheep, animal fence, we generally recommend woven wire mesh; flowers isolated, municipal gardens, etc. would recommend welding fence network; also specialized factories, residential, stadiums, highways, railways, pasture, water conservancy and so on all aspects of the fence yet.

Second, do a good job market tracking research, clearly the latest market developments. Since market information transparency, rapid changes in market prices, raw material price instability, it must be based on the latest market report a "follow the market" price.