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Galvanized welded wire mesh process and characteristics

Galvanized welded wire net usually of high quality low carbon iron wire, through precise and accurate automated welding machinery and equipment after forming, the use of dip zinc surface treatment technology, the conventional British standard production, net surface smooth and tidy, solid structure, uniform, overall performance is good even partial pressure cut-off or loose phenomenon does not occur, it is the entire iron mesh of the strongest anti-corrosion, but also the most versatile iron mesh network classes. It has excellent corrosion resistance and smooth and neat mesh, increasing the aesthetic appearance, but also play a decorative role. As a result of high-quality carbon material as raw material, so that it does not have a unique iron mesh generally have flexibility to determine its plasticity during use, which can be used for complex plaster walls, underground leak-proof turtle crack, lightweight mesh, so that the costs are significantly lower than the cost of iron mesh, better understand its economic and affordable. Galvanized welded wire mesh material welded row, then cold-plating, hot dip, PVC plastic bag, such as surface passivation, plastics processing, flat surface, uniform mesh, solid solder joint, local good machining performance, stability, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance. Galvanized welded wire mesh more acid, alkali, welding firm, beautiful, versatile features.