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Galvanized welded wire mesh pads Materials and methods

Solder joints in galvanized welded wire mesh pulled experiment , consider using more common materials , in general , the more commonly used materials , the lower the cost , solder pulled into the less experimental , for example , you can choose DHW type 0.9 mm thick , length and width is 12.7 mm , respectively, of the material , this type of material specifications of the external wall insulation systems engineering and operation , it is more common and most used raw materials, the production process of the material generally after welding is the result row , did the hot-dip galvanizing aspects of treatment, the corrosion resistance is very good, basically meet the conditions of the experiment . During the experiment , the experimenter using tester must use high-precision , but also to belong to electronic universal type, its gravity range needed to reach ten thousand Newtons , which is 10 kN . In this regard , Nissan East measuring instruments can guarantee good sensitivity , accuracy, recommended to choose WED tenth series models . In addition , the device used in the experiments , which produces a test force must be maintained at a level of plus or minus one percent , the fluctuation range of speed and accuracy should remain at this level , if a displacement , resolution of the instrument to precise enough to maintain the general level of 10 microns , and further to achieve variable speed control purposes.
A jig for selection experiments , generally recommended to choose a relatively large stiffness of a fixture, which fixture is more suitable for a better clamping joints tensile test , to some extent, but also effectively prevent the zinc clamp experiments welded wire mesh pads arising damage. Experiment with the lowest cost , to achieve optimal experimental results, is that all laboratory personnel prefer to use the path . Selection against the tensile specimen , according to the requirements and purpose of the experimental selection, generally using a three sets of samples , including a mesh spacing times , five times , and spacing of the mesh and the mesh spacing eight times . Although this sample length to a certain extent may affect the joints of the tensile strength, but the overall effect is good , relatively high cost , for tensile test is a better choice . In the experiment , according to the different speeds to examine the impact of the degree of tensile strength to solder , including a millimeter per minute rate , the rate of five millimeters per minute , the speed of ten millimeters per minute and the speed of twenty millimeters per minute , experiments at all speeds , the tensile strength of solder joints were recorded on the extent , can be further identified in the practical application can achieve the most appropriate stretching speed , through experiments to solve the clamp selection galvanized welded wire mesh on the problem, both in theory and practice to give a strong support.